Yael Hanani

"And I shall gather you, and I shall rescue you from all places"
User: Tyler
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Yael's features are a near perfect mixture of Israeli and Eastern European. Of average height, with an athletic build.
Born in Israel in 1982, to a German/Jewish mother and Israeli father, Yael lived her life Bet Shemesh, hearing stories of her maternal family's migration to the Promised Land. She learned of the Nativ, a group of elite Israelis who devoted their lives to rescuing oppressed Jews from the Eastern Bloc after World War II. She always dreamt following in their footsteps, and after several years of service with the IDF realized her goal.

Yael Hanani was one of the best wheel artist in The Liaison Bureau, specializing primarily in difficult extractions of important figures, but from time to time, she participated in the the evacuation of Israeli citizens from the war torn regions of the Middle East. She has since become a freelance operator, while she mainly works for Israel, she’s been known to provide transit support for the US Secret Service and CIA, as well as French, English, and German agencies as well. Often extracting high priority agents, dignitaries and others out of danger, primarily in the mid east, but the upsurge of terrorism on the European continent has led to more work there as well.