Race: British Colonial
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Sailor & Brawler/Novice
STR: d8, AGI: d6, SMA: d4, VIG: d6 SPI: d6

Reason: 1, Status: 5, Pace: 6, Pace: d6, Toughness: 6, Parry: 7, Luck: 3

Languages:English, Cantonese

Skills: Fight d10, Shoot d6, Swim d4, Climb d4, Repair d4, Lockpick d4, Boats d4, Gunnery d4, Mechanics d4, Navigation d4, Throw d4

Edges: Brawny, Martial Arts, Pugilist

Hindrances: Vengeful (Minor), Overconfident, Quirk (favours Underdog)

Cash: £22 1 sh

Fists/ d10 / melee only/ 1d6+1d8
Knife/d10/melee, throwable/1d4+1d8
.455 Webley/d6/12-24-48/2d6+1 AP1 d.a./6 shots/wt 4
2 x Throw Knives/d4+1/3-6-12/d8+d4/wt 1 ea.
Spencer Shotgun/d6/10-20-40/1-3d6/5 shots/wt 9

Heavy Sailors Coat (wt:3; +1 armor torso, limbs)

196 x .455 rounds (5/50)
100 x shotgun shells (5/50)
Pipe & Matches (0.5 ea.)
Spyglass (1)
Pocket Watch (0.5)
Navigators Tools (wt:5; not normally carried. +1 to rolls)
Lockpick Tools (wt:5; not normally carried. +1 to rolls)
Black Jack doesn't remember his parents much, only eking a living on the streets of Hong Kong. He took service on a merchantman as soon as he could, and has sailed the China Seas ever since.

A couple of years ago he helped take an archaeological expedition up the Yangtze, and it was here he had his encounter with the supernatural. Jack's prowess in defending himself, and the few surviving expedition survivors led to an offer which has brought him finally to the mother country he has never seen.