Steve Oh

User: Eddie
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Bard/2
Steve Oh is a fairly average looking human, average build, average height, even average hair - brown, medium length, slightly wavy but always ruffled. He always seems to have 5 o'clock shadow with a cheeky grin and a warm look. His clothes are robes from the Academy (see below), orange and red flowing into quarters, they look like they could do with an iron but aren't dirty.
There's always something in his eyes that seems to suggest he doesn't quite know what he's doing, but the he looks the part and seems to be playing it well, so it is rarely questioned.
Steve Oh is from Luden, Otelia, a town famous for housing the Diplomatic Academy for Minstrels and Bards. Every year, the Academy takes in all those in the town aged 18 for 5 years of rigorous training in all things Diplomatic, everything from enchanting a piano to play itself to the art of persuasion. The Academy is known for training the worlds best known minstrels and bards, many of whom find jobs serving nobles, and as such is well respected the world over.

Each year graduates from the Academy are ranked by letter (A being 1st, B 2nd, etc.) and chose their surname based on that ranking. Of the 15 people graduating from Steve's year, he was ranked O, the lowest rank anyone had ever successfully left the Academy with.
There were only 2 reasons Steve did not fail, first, that despite lacking the eloquence expected and failing the written and formality tests, he passed every magical and practical test with flying colours. Though the main reason he was allowed to pass the year was that the rest of the graduates were killed in a tragic organ accident; nobody knows how it happened and the Academy was forced to allow Steve to graduate arguing "A bad bard is better than no bard to maintain our reputation. Besides, he's but one man, how much damage can he do?"
Steve is originally from a farming family in Luden, most people who fail the Academy become farmers, they had every expectation he would fail but are ecstatic he passed and are fully encouraging of his journey into the world. Steve never did shake their common way of speaking though, and though he is very charismatic and agreeable his choice of words is sometimes... questionable. Still, if you can forgive him for that, he's really quite a nice bloke.

Anyone in the black market needs a man who can lie, bluff, disguise and charm their way through just about anything. Experienced bards are expensive, but young ones fresh out the Academy? They need the experience, they're much cheaper, so Dhottas snapped up the opportunity, and Steve graciously accepted, hoping he would have some good stories to tell from this epic, even if slightly illegal, adventure.