User: Philip
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Thief
A tall, thin man with handsome features and piercing eyes. He has dark brown skin with black hair and a pair of bristly mutton chops. Dresses smartly with a leather waist coat and trousers and a frilly white shirt, under a blue frock coat. No visible weapons, but a set of adventuring tools hang from his waist: a loop of rope, a grappling hook and some pouches of indeterminate contents.
Jayesh has told many tales of his childhood. Is he the lost prince of a mighty kingdom in the Wandering Isles? Or the scion of a noble family of Kelsay, brought to ruin by bad investments and vicious rivals? Or an escaped slave from the Imperium whose wits and blind luck set him free after a lifetime of abuse? Or a humble peasant from Amias who achieved his lifelong dream and became a heroic adventurer? Is there any truth in any of these?