Attican Bladehawk

User: Andrew
Campaign: PIGS D&D Adventure
Race: Half-Elf (Wood)
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Bard/3
Despite largely being accepted regardless of his mixed heritage, Attican always felt like an outsider.

Attican grew up in an Elven commune that focused on the arts of Wizardry at the expense of other pursuits. While his peers were mastering spell after spell, Attican struggled to cast even the simplest cantrip.

Exasperated, he turned his attention towards music and, through enough practice, unlocked arcana through that avenue.

Attican's father, Quarion, was always harsh and distant, which Attican that was due to the shame of siring a half-breed. Quarion, an important archmage, could not abide by his son forsaking the wizard's path, so he disowned him. As a result, Attican left his community behind to seek out the Human mother that he never knew.
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