User: Abbey
Race: Teifling
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Wizard/5
Age: 27 (25 at the start of the campaign)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lb
Eyes: Pure white
Skin: Light grey, with gold freckles
Hair: Black; Short with an undercut
Languages: Abyssal and Common
Alignment: True Neutral
Alone in Sareilon, a young Saturn meets a goliath who takes her in. Since then, she has faithfully been working under Captian Bruun on The Guardian. Every once in a while, she would adventure away from the ship, to either practice her magic or chase some sailor's tale, but she never stayed away for too long.
When Saturn has her mind set on something it is hard to get her to give up on it, and she'll do whatever it takes to reach her goal ;). Thanks to her years as a sailor, she has also taken on some of their characteristics. Saturn is very protective about her crew and will always stand up for them. But, she doesn't have much of a filter and her snarky comments tend to get her in more trouble then they're worth. Other than the fact she tend to be quick to start arguments, she tends to be more of a happy-go-lucky person.
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