User: Emily
Race: Half-Drow
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Warlock Necromancer/6
Kiran has short boyish hair white as snow, bright grey eyes, and pale grey skin with a cold blue-ish tint. Because of how cold she is, her breath can be seen from her nose or mouth whenever she exhales.

Age: 30
Height: 5'9
Birthday: Ravathon 29
Born with a deformity, Kiran grew up with her sister, Kiara, together always as their lives depended on each other for balance. Where Kiara was warmth and happiness, Kiran was ice and darkness. They grew together with a family not related by blood, where they were sent to New Sperrowview University to indulge in their own natural magic abilities. It was during their time at the school that war broke out with the orcs, and many people, as well as Kiara, was lost. Kiran, now having to live without the warmth of her sister, carries on with a deep need for the knowledge of resurrection, and she won't stop for anything until she can bring her sister back.
She is cold hearted, dark, a little twisted, though she is still very smart and reasonable. She's the definition of a negative Nancy, and now with her sister gone, she finds it hard to see any good in the world. She could care less about anyone else, and will rarely act to save someone, however the memory of her sister urges her to act on good terms. But she absolutely, without a doubt, hates the Orc race. For what they did to her sister, she can never forgive them. Even Kiara's memory would have difficulty stopping her from doing death dealing acts in the way of an Orc.

The ultimate opposite of Kiran, she was always the happier one. She was selfless, always acting out of the greater good that composed her heart, and going out of her way to help other people. She was incredibly optimistic, always looking towards the more positive side of things, and never looked at someone's race, but looked more towards their acts and personalities. Though even if she knew someone was bad, she would still forgive them and treat them kindly, because she knew everyone had good in them somewhere.
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