User: Charles
Campaign: Nightfallen
Race: Legendary Artifact
Gender: None
Role: Other
Class/Level: Monk/20
Ego: 8 + (highests stat bonus) +(1 per lvl after 19)=15
Str:11 Con:23 Dex:23 Int:16 Wis:22 Cha:14
Proficiency: +6
Monk Unarmed Damage: D10
Ki:20 Ki Save DC:(8)+(proficiency)+(Wis)=20
Unarmored Movement: 30feet
Bioboosted, Baby!
The Guardian 
3rd level: Ability Score Increase You grant the chosen one a + 3 to all stats. While attuned to "the chosen one" you both have a Stat cap of 30 to all stats.
6th level; The chosen one has immunity to critical damage. You and the chosen one have a critical multiplayer is triple verse double.
Danger sense(Ex):  is always on alert for threats. At 10th, 15th, 20th the chosen one gains a +1 magic Ac bonus, not applicable while stunned, paralyzed or unconscious. (Ac modifier dose NOT stack with other Magic AC bonus)
Guardians Heal(SU) 11th level; Once per long rest you can heal the chosen one for 12d12 plus your combined stat bonuses. This power removes all status conditions and can be used as a reaction.
Avoidance. At 15th level, When you or the chosen one are attacked by an enemy using a melee or ranged weapon, you can choose to escape the attack and neglect the damage. You can use this ability once every short or long rest. (This does not work against spells)
17th level; Parry you can use your reaction to raise AC of the chosen one by 2 if an attack would hit.
21st level; Epic Fortify As long as the chosen one wields you. The chosen one gains the benefit of your stats if they are higher. This effect requires no effort and simply happens. It can only be suppressed by deific effects.
23rd level; Ignited: once per long rest you can Ignite a non deific creature on a successful hit. The creature is engulfed by an Epic self sustained conflagration burning target by such incredible heat it's flesh ignites, consuming its body as fuel. As it struggles to cling to life, even if it is completely submerged in water or vacuum cannot suppress the Ignited. At the start of its next turn, it takes Epic radiant damage equal to your hit dice. This effect persists until the creature can remove the epic condition or it dies. The flames continue for one additional round consuming creature so nothing remains of it. Any non-deific or epic items it possessed are destroyed.
25th level; Change Fate If you roll Natural ONE to hit, or saving throw, the Guardian changes fate and you crit or succeed instead.
30th Level: ultrablast

Empower Wielder (x2 Dex&con): While attuned you increase the base physical stat of your thrall/wielder to 20. (this power can be selected three times one for str/dex/con)
Shadow Essence: + 3 to any stat of your choice. (cannot raise any stat above 30 with this ability) this cannot be selected more than ONCE.
All-Around Vision (Ex): +1 WIS, sees in all directions at once. It cannot be flanked

Magic Bonus (10th lvl)If a weapon or armor, you grant + 5 magic bonus.
Unique destruction (20thlvl) (only able to be destroyed in a specific and unique way)(must remove control unit from Sho's forehead, then send it into the nearest star)