User: Victor
Race: Meta-Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue, fighter, monk/27
Razor is a female human infamous bounty hunter, and After the rise of Amara and the reemergence of an Illithid Empire, Razor gained a new reputation as one of the universes deadliest bounty hunters.
Surviving to adulthood is a difficult thing on an Illithid world. Razor has a harsh worldview. For her something's are permitted others not at all.
Code — given the stark Evil that permeated the Illithid Empire where she was raised, Razor pretty much had to be either 1) Evil, or 2) incredibly unforgiving and, harsh. Either reaction is acceptable if she can justify the, "greater good".
Apart from her pay, which is considerable, Razor required only one thing: a Eather generator. Curious, isn't it?