Gender: Male
Lean, teenage human with a brand new set of travelling clothes, a small box and bag slung over his shoulder and a walking stick.
Anri was one of many faceless orphans as a child, until he showed a talent for magic. The mage guild was happy to take the boy in and begin him on his career of magical drudgery. While quite appreciative of the new, superior surroundings, and love for the study of magic, over time he liked the idea of being an indentured servant to the guild, as many of the masters made him feel, less and less.

When preparations for the caravan began, he started working a deal with one of the mages going to be assigned to it, to swap places with him. Hardly more than an apprentice, totally unprepared for life outside the city and having no clue as to what awaits, Anri dons his newly purchased travelling clothes, bought a nice new waterproof tobacco pouch, packs up his critical belongings and rushes to board the caravan to freedom!
  • Find a Narzil! (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • A Proper Burial (Completed) Plus Spacer
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