User: Maeven
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class: Witch
Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, tanned skin and tall, Wren should stand out in a crowd and yet somehow, she blends in, unnoticed. She has heavier features than most elves do, looking almost half-human when her hair covers her ears. If she meets your gaze, you see an old soul staring back at you.
I was "strongly encouraged" to leave my home at a very young age, barely 35 years old. The others in the forest village had found out my talents as a witch, and made their opinion of that very clear. The beatings did not hurt nearly as much as the rejection. How I am different from any other caster, like the ones they celebrate, I don't know. Small minded folk, for all they consider themselves higher than most, with their elven blood.

Sukuhn is my family now. She somehow picked me out from the street urchins, recognizing my potential, giving me a home and more importantly, an education. We have made a good life, working together, casting auguries and telling fortunes. Still, I am often bothered by strange visions, strange dreams that Sukuhn tells me speak truth unseen.
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