User: Tempest Wolf
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Rogue/5
He is relatively tall for an an elf, with long brown hair and matching brown eyes. He walks with a practiced gait matching his rather lithe physique, but glimpses of an exposed arm or so show a well muscled frame. At first glance he appears to be wearing no armor, but a practiced ear will make out a faint jingle as he moves. He also carries a long thin blade over his back, it is a weapon that is fairly exotic and rarely seen outside of elven circles. Otherwise he seems rather non-descript, almost purposely so...
Elriond is a bit of a wandering soul, at least before landing his latest gig smuggling materials amd acquiring goods by less than legal means for a local, Halfling that took him in.

Before that he had been pretty well to do all in all. He was born to a good family, and didn't want for much in his youth. He trained in swordsmanship and the sciences as a son of a lesser noble is want to do.

Later on he had been conscripted to do a tour with the local militia, more an exercise in building character than any real work, a least that's wha they said. His father even made a big deal of it, presenting him with the family sword, and tales of his father's days serving the militia in his youth.

Elriond was less than impressed with it all though. The days were long, the food horrible, and the captain just grated at his nerves, he swore the man had it out for him, to grind this upstart into a fine weapon or break him, he didn't seem to care which.

On one of the longer patrols his unit had been sent to see to a band of goblins terrorizing one of the major trade routes and hassling the local farmers. The band was a bit bigger than the captain had anticipated though and routed them, sending them scattering and even loosing a few members, including Elriond. Durring the scuffle a bug bear caught him off guard and hit him over the head, knocking him out, next thing he knew he was in a house. It seems a passing caravan happened upon him while he was knocked out and the caravan leader, a Halfling with a taste for Italian food and brought him here, and thus began his new life as, well, an rlf of particular skills.
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