Krell Aldamar

User: Ethan
Campaign: The Spooky Bunch
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Diplomat: Propogandist
Krell was born on the planet Onderon in the year 45 BBY. He was born to two honest, hard-working parents. In the year 32 BBY, shortly after the Battle of Naboo, the CIS occupied Onderon. Krell's parents were among the first to speak out against the CIS. They were quickly executed by Separatist forces.
Krell, being a young man with no parents to raise him, was raised by the streets. He learned to lie, steal, and how to use a blaster. It seemed he would be nothing but a thug his whole life, but then other young men were joining together to resist the CIS.
Krell joined the rebellion led by Saw and Steela Gerrera. At first the rebellion seemed doomed for failure, but soon the Jedi sent a group to train the rebels. After, this the rebellion became more succesful and eventually succeeded in ridding the planet of the CIS.
After the rebellion was over, Krell then was struggling to find meaning in his life. He eventually started taking jobs as a hired gun, he then met his partner in crime and lifelong friend Ryker. These two worked together for years until even the desensitized Krell found Ryker's methods much too extreme.
Krell then layed low, taking odd jobs from various people. He was now passed his prime, and couldn't quite recapture the amazing adventures he had in his youth. He ended up working for Teemo the Hutt on Tatooine. Krell was doing recon for the Hutt on the fateful day he met the others.