Balvenie Doublewood

"Go fuck yourself"
User: Jimmy
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Rogue/1
An orc's disembodied head hit the ground with a thud and rolled across the ornate stone floor. "Here..." grumbled the Dwarf, covered in dried blood.

"Thank you Balvenie. The master of coin is expecting you. Now be off!" stated Queen Dagnabbet, adorned in jewel-encrusted armor.

The grizzled old Dwarf lumbered down the immaculate hallway, and let out a sigh, recalling his adventure decades ago, in Icewind Dale. "Bah!" He muttered to himself. "The old dame thinks me to be too old to do anything but routine fetch-quests anymore." He stopped in his tracks for a moment to ponder the fate of the Tribe of the Bear, most notably their chief, and his best friend Wolvig Barrundson. "Prob'ley deed anywae."

Balvenie was once the most effective mercenaries in all of Mithril Hall. When it came to espionage and intrigue, no one was better. He was hand selected by the queen herself to infiltrate local bandit camps, and eliminate their leader, the infamous Bandit King "Twinblade". Balvenie tracked Twinblade for the better part of a decade, gathering recon, fleecing local authorities for information, and waiting for the right time.

Balvenie's hunt took him all the way from Luskan to Ten Towns, canvassing every tavern and whorehouse, to every shady merchant and weapons dealer. In the far North, however, there were not so many places to hide...

One day, while passing through Caer Dineval, Balvenie looked up from the tracks in the snow to see that he was surrounded by barbarians wearing bear pelt headdresses. Realizing he was outnumbered, and that he could likely outsmart the barbarians when the odds were in his favor, he agreed to let himself be captured.

The barbarians were flummoxed. They had never witnessed someone who could so easily escape their restraints. Furthermore, they found themselves often distracted by images or sounds in the distance, and would turn back to see that Balvenie had once again escaped... only to be hunted, run down, and recaptured.

Day after day, week after week this continued to occur. Eventually, the barbarian's leader had enough, and decided to pay the salty dwarf a visit. Although Balvenie had picked up on some of the native language, Bothii, he could hardly speak it. Balvenie was able to decipher the large human say "let him go".

Then, the barbarian turned to Balvenie, and said in common: "I Wolvig Barrundson, chief of tribe of bear. You very impressive, Dwarf. For freedom, you show me way." By this point, Balvenie had plenty of time to reflect, and realized he had no immediate desire to return to Mithril Hall. He decided training with Wovig was probably more interesting than going back to Mithril Hall anyway.

The next several months were a grueling series of events. Balvenie had to teach this lumbering monster of a man to be stealthy and discrete, often resulting in an unbridled rage. What Balvenie noticed, however, was that Wolvig was an unstoppable monster while raging. He could accomplish magnificent feats of strength, and could endure the most brutal of punishments and conditions.

Balvenie could not understand why Wolvig's anger was so effective. He had temper issues of his own, but nothing that could yield such power. When he asked about the power, Wovig replied: "When training done, you member of tribe."

After several more weeks, Wolvig believed himself to be quite the expert in stealth and espionage. He arranged a tribal ceremony for Balvenie, where he was blessed with the power of the bear. Balvenie felt an almost unsuppressable anger in his blood now, and finally understood.

With his new found endurance, Balvenie found the Bandit King Twinblade within days. He doesn't remember much after that, but the next thing that he did recall was marching back to Mithril Hall carrying the Twinblade's head by the hair.

After being gone for the greater part of a decade, Balvenie arrived home with the Twinblade's head. "Thank you Balvenie. The master of coin is expecting you. Now be off!" recited Queen Dagnabbet.