Phoenix Crowley

"It is in that sliver of reality between the seconds in our lives that we can discover our true nature. I am unafraid of what that sliver holds for myself - are you?"
User: Ruppel
Campaign: The Frontier
Race: Infernal Tiefling
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/3
Skin like sunrise on a cloudy day, hair the color of deepest night, and eyes that penetrate like a lovers kiss, Phoenix dresses in a black traveling cloak over a chainmail armor fashioned with a special burgundy steel from his homeland.
Nuxia - the land without hope. Long gone are the days of opportunity, where those that live had any belief in a better tomorrow. It is every man for himself, and alliances are calculating and short lived. In this world, Phoenix worked to entertain the warlords that ruled his province. He made beautiful music, and if not for this and the adoration of Lydia Minchkin, the warlords eldest daughter, he would have been executed to prevent others from accessing his talent. It was with Lydia that Phoenix first learned to care for others and be concerned for their wellbeing. Lydia's brother could not stand for the love offered to Phoenix by his sister, and so upon seeing the look in Lydia's eyes, he conspired for Phoenix to be killed. Phoenix escaped with his life - and a single ring, with which to remember Lydia with. During his escape, a portal opened and took him to a distant and strange land. His only goal in life now is to prove himself worthy of Lydia's love, and to see her removed from that desolate land, and one day, settle with her in a land with Hope, where they can be together for eternity.