Xaehyd Drius

User: Chris
Campaign: Deadly Quests
Race: human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Monk/1
Xaehyd’s parents, two young wanderers in love and veritable prisoners of Ra-Khati, wanted more than anything to explore the world. They had heard of a nation where other Kara-Tur immigrants had been welcomed. They fled from their “forbidden county” and took with them a fair amount of fine gems and jewelry that was so common in their country. They were able to use it as currency to pay for much of their journey.

They followed the only road north to Khazari. From there they took to the Silk Road to the great city of Dhaztanar in Semphar, then toured through the countrysides of Murghom and Mulhorand. Finally at the Eastern edge of the Sea of Fallen Stars, world travellers by now indeed, Xaehyd’s parents purchased passage to Thesk, the nation that promised to would welcome them from Kara-Tur.

Soon after arriving they realized they would need to settle in order to raise their future child, now due to arrive in just a few short months. The stash of gems and baubles they started with was all but spent by now, but they had just enough money left to purchase a small plot of farmland that could easily support their needs with surplus to trade in Phent’s burgeoning markets. The family lived comfortably off the land.

Xaehyd was intuitive and found introspective balance in all things. He oftentimes accompanied his father on deliveries to Teflamm. Xaehyd was drawn to the serenity of Xiang Temple, where he would go while his father conducted business. Visiting the temple regularly for a couple years he eventually befriended the monks. At 8 years old the monks invited him to train with them as a student of the temple.

His parents agreed, and soon Xaehyd would stay and learn with the monks. At first durations were short, maybe a week. As time went on, he'd live and learn with the monks for lengthier stays, until they were years long. Xaehyd’s father arranged for part of his crops to go to the monastery as thanks, or payment perhaps; it didn’t matter. The monks accepted the gift of harvest.
Xaehyd has now studied Xiang Do for a dozen years. His parents, having acquired more farmland in those years, have just sold all their farmland in Phent to various friends and business partners, and are now retired in Nyth on a rocky outcropping along the beach of the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Family friends and business acquaintances from the market still abound in Phent and always offer a place to stay or steady work. Xaehyd’s closest friend in Teflamm is Xzar, who has grown up to be a red wizard. But Xaehyd’s home is Xiang Temple, where he will always be most welcome.

Xaehyd’s parents never spoke of their time in Kara-Tur other than to say that’s where his lineage is from; otherwise it was only hearsay to him. Perhaps he gained his parent’s lust for travel, Xaehyd feels it’s time for him to make his own way in the world, to seek his own path and destiny, whatever that may be.
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