Shanari Galeen

User: Jamie
Campaign: Deadly Quests
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Ranger/1
29 yrs old, 5'7", 160 lbs, Hazel eyes, Tan skin, Brown hair

Shanari has grown up in the secluded town of Relkath's Foot where her large family has lived for generations. Shanari is a descendant of the original green elves that lived in the Yuirwood and worshiped the ancient deities of the Seldarine. She is training to become a master of the Yuirwood (ref prestige class) and is learning how to operate the mystical menhir portals of her ancestors.
Origin- Relkath's Foot
In training to be a master of the Yuirwood
Enjoys being alone in nature.
Very observant as though she is always on the lookout for invaders and strangers.
Parents: Leokas (father) Elhana (mother)
Siblings: Brenmae (sister) Kevros (brother)

Family Home: A modest, single floor home set high in the trees. Through the center of the home is the massive trunk of the tree and the rooms spiral off from the trunk so that all rooms have a portion of the trunk in them. There is a walkway around the exterior of the home that allows access to the other rooms. The kitchen and dining room consist of most of the square footage of the home. There are 3 bedrooms, parents', brother's, and shared room for Brenmae and Shanari. There is a small living type of room filled with books. It is clear that the kitchen and dining space are where most family gatherings occur.

Family Info: Leokas is a captain in the forest guards and spends much of his day training new recruits and guarding the forest from threats. For as long as Shanari can remember, her father has been dedicated to protecting the city from the stream of threats from Thay. Elhana is a craftswoman who makes folk art from the plethora of supplies the forest provides. She walks the forest each morning, gathering items, and watching the animals. Shanari can often be found wandering the forest behind her mother, making friends with the animals, and learning as much about nature and the animals as possible. Brenmae has a love for agriculture and spends her time tending to the little garden at the base of the tree. She grows native fruits and vegetables, along with very beautiful flowers that she sells at the market to both locals and passerby's. Kevros wants to be like his father so badly. While he isn't quite old enough to join the forest guard, he secretly follows his father to the training camp and watches all of the exercises the recruits practice each day. When no one is looking, he practices the skills in the forest so that he can prepare for the day when he is able to join the forest guard. Kevros and Shanari have been known to have archery competitions to determine who the best archer is. While Kevros's archery skill continues to improve, he's never quite as skilled as Shanari. She has a natural gift for archery and accuracy.
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