Alexander Karollo

"Never settle."
User: Lexi
Campaign: Andulhaven
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Sorcerer/12
Alexander is a quiet, reserved young man of twenty years. He wears a long, dark blue, hooded cloak with a black design on it. He has deep cerulean eyes and a moody countenance, but he's not a hateful person. He'd just rather not talk to you. Especially about himself.
A Timeline of Alexander Karollo’s (Terrible) Life

Early Childhood (Written in 2013)
[Birth-6 Years]
Alexander and his younger brother Avory live a fairly happy life. They live in a poor income home, but they are too young to know the difference
[6-10 Years]
Alex and Avory’s parents are more worried about their financial issues than they are about their children. They are not in good standings with the law
A Light in the Darks (Written in 2015)
[11 Years]
Alex and Avory’s parents are arrested for homicide
The brothers are sent to a different city to live with their aunt and uncle, who are not accustomed to caring for children
Alex and Avory are forced to transfer schools
[11-14 Years]
Alex protects Avory from bullies in their new school
The brothers are neglected by their aunt and uncle, who are able to spoil them more than their parents could, but are not willing to meet their emotional needs
Avory visits their parents once a month in prison, but Alexander refuses to see them
[14 Years]
Alexander starts high school at a different school than Avory
With no one to protect him from the bullies, Avory is visibly hurting, but their aunt and uncle offer little support
A few months into his seventh grade year, Avory commits suicide
[15 Years]
Alex struggles with guilt over Avory’s suicide
Angry at his aunt and uncle, and angry at himself, Alexander tries to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge into a river
He wakes up in Mapleton, a city several miles away from his aunt and uncle’s town
Chalking his survival up to something greater than he can understand, Alexander decides to start a new life. He discards the nickname ‘Alex,’ in order to forget about his brother and his past life, and is referred to as either ‘Alexander’ or ‘Shadow’
Mapleton’s streets become his new home
[16-17 Years]
Alexander has become the leader of a group of homeless boys. He steals food for them and protects them
Several of the older boys Alexander cares for get involved with a group of women who also live on the streets. Their leader, a girl named Scarlett, seems determined to undermine Alexander for ‘invading their territory’
After seducing and toying with several of the boys Alexander cared for, he was left with only his closest friend, Stephan, and the two youngest boys, a pair of twins named Tyler and Sage. They relocate to a new place on the streets of Mapleton
Alexander is caught stealing food, and is arrested
The Sacred Treasures (Written in 2015)
[17 Years]
Alexander wakes up in a town far from Mapleton called Oldetown. There are several other people his age there, who explain to him that they broke out of jail and are now on a quest to save ‘Gaea’
Alexander has no belief in this goddess until she appears directly to him, and christens him as one of her ‘Champions’
Alexander discovers he has the ability to use ice magic, and is quite gifted at it
Gaea’s 10 Champions set out on a journey to find 5 Sacred Treasures that will restore her power
[18 Years]
Halfway through their journey, five of Gaea’s original Champions have been murdered. Alexander begins to resent the goddess for not keeping them safe
Alexander grows closer with Mirai, a fellow Champion who has been with Alexander since the beginning. They begin a relationship of sorts, though it is not very intimate
Alexander learns of a second god, Ultra, who seeks to take away Gaea’s power. Alexander begins to think that taking away Gaea’s power may not be a terrible idea
When the time comes to put an end to Ultra, Alexander leaves Mirai and the others to join Ultra’s side, convinced that ending Gaea is the real solution to their problems
In the end, both gods are destroyed, and the remnants of ‘Gaea’s Champions’ leave Alexander, disappointed in him for turning against them
Mirai never tries to contact Alexander, and he never sees her again
Frustrated and grief-stricken, Alexander takes a boat to an entirely different continent, where he seeks a new life. He hones his ice magic, and begins to train as a sorcerer

Then he meets Eldrouc, Magdala, Dimitre, and Tully.
  • Do not call him Alex
  • May or may not be afraid of spiders
  • Never really trusted women and definitely doesn’t now