"Have you seen what your insides look like? I can help with that..."
User: Boone
Campaign: Andulhaven
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Blood Arcanist/3
You look back to see a little boy only four feet and one inches tall wearing a flowy black cloak. His hair is a gentle brownish grey, his face is cute and round–but his eyes. As you look into his eyes, a great tiredness can be seen. You feel that ancient eyes are staring back at you, but then a cat swimming between your legs distracts you. It looks reddish black, but you can't quite decide. Intrigued, you reach out to touch it, but once you give it a stroke you feel a sticky substance on your palm. Observing your hand, you see it slicked with blood. As you look up in shock, it flows under the cloak of the once cute child which was before you. Now his hair has become like black liquid. Out of his eyes and skin you see a dark red liquid seeping out. Your stomach begins to churn as if you hadn’t eaten for days, your arms begin to feel light as if their asleep, and a headache forms in the back of your skull. The boy flashes a wicked grin at you.
Tullian, an innocent child who lived in a little village within the country of Aricksknee, was caught in the crossfire of a terrible battle beyond his understanding. When he was seven, Tullian went playing with his friends, they decided to sneak off to an abandoned house where they kept their secret fort. As the boys were defending against an onslaught of girls throwing mudballs, they peeked over to return fire, but were greeted with a sight none understood. An eye, enormous at that, floated before them. Optic nerves could be seen flowing behind it as the thing moved toward the girls, for some reason, the girls wouldn’t move. Tullian and his fellow friends yelled for them to move, but they wouldn’t–or couldn’t. As Tullian was running back to the village, he stole a look backwards. The eye thrashed its optic nerves forward and slashed the girls to slivers.

Once he made it back, Tullian yelled for his father, but couldn’t find anyone. His buddies went and ran for their parents respectively. Eventually making his way to the market square, Tullian saw everyone in the village gathered together. He was about to yell out, but was interrupted by five enormous eyes floating above the ground. The village seemed unable to move, captivated by the eyes. He finally spotted his father, mother, and brother. The eyes led the village away from their houses to an empty creek bed. The sun just crested the tree-line and blinded Tullian for a second. After he rubbed his eyes, Tullian could no longer find the creatures or the village people. He searched about frantically, running from cover. Not watching his step He fell into the creek bed, landing in a soft spot on the ground. Tullian lifted himself onto his feet only to slip once more. As he looked up, Tullian saw his playmates and the faces of their family. Tullian was talking to them but for some reason, no one would answer him. He ran all over the area looking for his family. Tullian found his mother at last and ran to her, asking through tears why everyone was ignoring him. She wouldn’t answer either, which frustrated him even more. He grabbed her head and yelled at her, only to realize that he grasped a decapitated head,and that the body was no where to be found. He dropped the head and ran. As he ran, Tullian waded into the water and swam. So scared, Tullian forgot he couldn’t swim and fell off the deep end. He began to sink into the depths, but then realized, it wasn’t water. Tullian let out a scream that was immediately filled with… blood. He tried to swim, but couldn’t. His lungs began to fill with blood, his eyes stung form blood, his ears were flooded with blood. As he sunk to the bottom, Tullian laid atop a heap of arms, hands, and feet. The world became dark.
Tullian is an eleven-year-old four and one inch tall human boy. He hails from the country of Aricsnee, a place far in the south. He wears an unassuming black cloak with the hood almost always up. His voice is an unusually calm voice for his age. On his feet are dark brown leather moccasins, on his chest he wears a light brown shirt, and his pants are a stronger leather material. With him constantly is a cat which swims about Tullians legs.