"Without kindness, the world is a very dark place.""
User: Sami Solo
Campaign: Andulhaven
Race: Skinwalker
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Hunter/3
Magdala is an elderly woman. Withered and wrinkle with hair of silver, and the eyes of a woman who has seen much, and yet still finds it in her heart to show kindness. She wears a magenta robes and uses a cane. Her long bow is slung around her, and she has many trinkets hanging from her belt.
Magdala can always be seen with her three companions: Thorben, Karma and Ceaser. A bear, a wolf and an owl, respectively. Thorben walks along side her, ready to protect her from any danger. Karma is the biggest of the three, (at least for now, seeing as Thorben is still young) so it is not uncommon for Magdala to ride her when traveling long distances. But Karma doesnt mind. Finally, Ceaser, he is Magdala's eyes and ears. He circles around at high altitudes keeping his mistress safe from a distance. Occasionally he will perch himself on her shoulder when his search is over.
When I was very young, I lived with my family in a small village that no one even knew the name of, and somehiw I've grown to forget. Everyone knew each others name, we were a very tight knit tribe. When I was 12 years old, my best friend jn the whole world was Averion. We were inseparable. We built our first tree house together. All the other kids would tease us, saying that we were in love amd what not. Well they weren't far off, because at the age of 19 Ave and I were engaged. And a year and a half later, I found myself preparing for my wedding. But days were about to take a change for the worse.
One night, Ave and I were meeting under our favorite willow for a picnic. We had some wedding details to talk about and I'd been so busy we had time alone together, so this was a much needed date. The night was getting later and we were having a wonderful time, but suddenly I felt myself losing control of my body, and my mind. It was subtle at first, as if I were in a haze. I couldnt hear whatAve was saying, everything was too loud. I could hear the birds in the trees as if they were sirens screaming. I don't think Ave noticed, until he leaned in to kiss me... my teeth grew in size, my nails became talons, and face turned into a beastial creature like I'd never seen before. I didnt even have a chance to think before my eyes glossed over an onyx color. I felt myself sink into the deepest parts of my mind. I was conscious of my surroundings but was not in control of my body. I watch from inside my mental prison as Averion try to get away from me, but I was much faster. I jumped on him and attacked his throat. I could hear him screaming but I couldn't stop. It was all over just as quickly as it had begun....and he was lying infront of me, dead. I slowly transformed back to myself. Averion's body was mutilatd, and I broke down in tears and laid down next to him.
85 years old.