User: Daniel
Campaign: Deadly Quests
Gender: Male
Class: Necromancer(wizard; necromancy)
Xzar's parentage is a complete mystery. He was abandoned as a child in the city of Eltabbar and being both of Mulan descent and found possessing a natural inclination towards arcane manifestations, Xzar was quickly provided for by the Red Wizards of Thay whom attempted and failed several times to divine anything about Xzar's true parents. Having no family to interact with, Xzar keeps his distance from most. Having grown up in Thay, Xzar is accustomed to being around undead and does not find their presence out of the ordinary.

During the early years of his arcane schooling, he was befriended by one individual, a girl named Yaphyll who was also a Mulan student of the Red Wizards. Yaphyll and Xzar share a secret. She was able to divine that Xzar has one living relative, Velsharoon. As Xzar matured two things became quickly apparent, his arcane affinity is strongest within the school of necromancy and his thirst for knowledge in the history of arcane necromancers is insatiable.

Upon completion of his primary education around the age of 12 he was given to a Red Wizard under which he was to continue his studies, Khazark Rhopa Ansalab. She was a fair yet strict master of the necromantic arts. It was during this time that Xzar left the county of Thay and joined Rhopa in Telflamm at the Thayan Enclave; the largest marketplace for magical items in all of Faerun. The Enclave served Xzar as both a shelter to the harsh ways of Thay and also as an opportunity to become exposed to different cultures.

While working at the Enclave under Khazark Ansalab, Xzar found an unlikely ally in the personage of one such individual. Xaehyd Drius, a young monk from Shou Town. He encountered Xzar on the streets of Telflamm and they quickly became the best of friends
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