Sevrin Tumblebelly

"I prefer to be underestimated."
User: Troy
Campaign: Deadly Quests
Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Rogue/1
He is completely self sufficient. If he needs something then he will take it unless the consequences are too great.

Grew up in the tiny community of Hilltop. His mother Cora and father Merric were both abducted in the middle of the night when Sevrin was a young child. He believes they were taken because of debts owed but has no proof of it. His father was very secretive and rarely spoke of anything other than chores and food. His mother seemed unconcerned with any of his father's activities. Tattered letters left behind by his father lead him to believe he has an unsavory uncle named Walice currently rotting away in a dungeon somewhere. Three months after his parents disappeared, he left Hilltop to start a new life in the larger city of Everlund. A halfling urchin by the name of Reed taught him how to survive on the streets. He eventually hones his skills and finds a semi-honest living as an exterminator removing pests, vermin and the occasional valuable. Five years later, he decides again to start a new life and leaves Everlund. After many years of traveling, he eventually settles in the city of Telflamm and joined the Shadowmasters of Telflamm.
Takes a long time to trust others. Never over confident but often hesitant. Enjoys stealing from the wealthy. Hates nobles.

Default Mini: War Drums #18
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