User: Jen
Campaign: Dead Heroes
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Other
She was raised in a rural area, grew up farming with her family. She tends to stir the pot in an activism sort of way. She comes across abrasive which causes people to just think she's mean, and, as such, she's a bit of a loner. She gets along with animals more than humans and has a sense for what they're thinking most of the time. She's not highly trained in combat or anything like that, but she does know her way around a spear. She has hunted, only out of necessity and would never kill an animal for anything other than food, defense or mercy.
She has recently lost her father. Her mother left when she was only a child, but she and her father were closer than you could imagine. After her father's death, her uncle and his family took over his part of the farm and have not been very understanding of her way of living. She left and has been living in the woods for a few weeks now. She's wary of most humans as a general rule and never learned much about magic, her father believed in touching a project to complete the task.