Xur Longfire

"I Wont let the poor and sick suffer as i have!"
User: Sonic
Campaign: Cloud Lake
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Sorcerer /10
Xur, was an orphaned boy who was a street rat in cloud city and fought day by day to stay alive on the streets.

Shortly after moving to Cloud City from Stromberk, Xur's parents were attacked and threatened Xur's father to set up his blacksmith business to pay back a person Xur only overheard as Sakamoto.

Xur did his best to look after his weakened parent from begging, to magic tricks, to eventually petty theft, just to eat. One day this came to bite him and he was beaten close to death and his sickly parents were kidnapped by mercenaries sent by a merchant he had previously stolen from.

As he lay in the ally delerious and bleeding out he saw what he thought was magnificant dragon circling above, the young boy begged for the dragon for help.

Hoping from all of the stories he had heard about these magical beasts, that maybe one would take an interest in him or see past his bad deeds for the sake of just trying to survive.

Suddenly the ally erupted in flame, the explosion could be heard across the city. But the boy's body was never found, Several months later a hooded figure wandered the streets once again entertaining children with magic tricks for coin.
Has a Dragon etched coin that hangs from his neck, Xur only remembers it as something that his mother gave him at a very young age , but was an heirloom that was never spoken about.