Colonel Irina Fyodorov

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized."
User: John
Campaign: We March Spinward
Race: Vilani
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Marine/9
Calm, collected, and usually friendly. Not large, but extremely lean. Irina looks like a distance runner, and could be any age from 30 to 45. She's barely 5'5" in height.
Colonel Irina Fyodorov, late of the Imperial Marines, recipient of the Meritorious Conduct Under Fire once for bravery during a boarding action in 982. Served on board ships acting as a guard, and with progressively greater responsibility for marines on board ships, her last term of truly active service on board a capital Navy vessel during the Third Frontier War, during which time she led a team repelling Zhodani Psionic Raiders who had got onto the ship somehow without using the airlocks and were raising all kind of trouble in the engineering area.

Final term in the Marines was spent as Colonel in charge of a training facility, which was bullshit because she was a fighting Marine for Pete's sake, and there was a war on.

Mustered out in disgust at the mishandling of the war both regarding her personally, and the strategic situation. Her place of residence of record was Zaibon, her native system, so she was returned there. This suited her just fine; Zaibon first, see what turns up, and take it from there.
Routinely walks around in Cloth Armour; that's her idea of casual. Anywhere the law permits it, carries her service weapon: An advanced combat rifle, with electronic sights, and an underbarrel RAM launcher. Yes, she does know how to use a Marine-issue cutlass, it isn't just for show, and she has had to kill people with it before.

In early terms gained Sniper training; Certified Gunsmith; Certified Demolitions; experienced in Combat Engineering, Survival. Has had the official training in piloting a grav vehicle, but there's no sign on her service record that she's even flown one in combat.

Her continual posting in starship guard duty or training posts has not given her the opportunity to pick up training in using Battle Dress.