Peck Silverscale

"give me brave o bright light that does not blind."
User: Mark
Campaign: Ghosts of Greyhawk
Race: Kobold
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Rogue/Paladin/Rogue 4, Paladin 8
Well short of three feet Peck has ruddy red scales with silver flecks and silver tips where time and wear haven't worn them away. She usually covers herself in a humble dark brown tunic and leather gloves that hides her scales and tail most of the time. Still very much a kobold in many ways she will often prefer to slink in the shadows and remain unnoticed in the interest of somewhat craven self preservation but when needed she becomes a tiny terror of Bahamut's will charging into battle with gleaming rapier in hand. Often chirping in draconic or common may this be the days that my wings grow full!

When in the lands of men Peck usually hides under her loose peasant robe hoping to be mistaken for a halfling at first glance. Her shield gives her a round shape from behind and her rapier's hilt often finds the front opening of the simple robe. If she is excited or nervous she sometimes forgets to pull in her tail. As she gains confidence in the "world of the small ones" she is starting to be less concerned but still finds the hood to be very useful in minimizing the glare of bright sunny days.
Peck was was born to the third generation of kobolds hatched by the score of kobolds who hatched from eggs that Valoria the Silverscale took pity upon after “removing a threat” from a hillside too close to her lair. Valoria is a nearly ancient silver dragon who keeps watch over the hills and valleys of the eastern Ulek from her mountain top lair.

When Valoria found the eggs she had just passed the age where female dragons laid the last of her eggs. She was proud of the hatchlings she had help bring to the world but with the departure of the youngest she felt a certain emptiness that her “experiment” has filled. The caves and tunnels under her lair are a busy place with roughly two hundred kobolds going about their business of enlarging and improving their own living areas, the storage and displays of the great grandmother’s treasure and relics and the contemplation of the “bright light that does not blind,” the worship of Bahamut.

Valoria has always been very honest with her kobolds. They know about the treachery of Garl Glittergold but through meditation and communion they have started to build a more coherent connection to dragonkind as a whole. Long ago before any giant or mammal knew this world it was ruled by the Greatests Grandparents, Tiamat of Many Colors, the Greatest Grandmother and Bahamut Greatest Grandfather, the bright light that does not blind.

As they understand Tiamat was once a single headed dragon whose scales shined with many colors. She was and always will be more quick to anger and give into the impulses that all dragon kind share that makes them feared by all others in this world and others. Their clutches during this time hatched the hatchlings who are the ancestors of all of the great dragons. As the others came into their world, brought by their gods from other places, and began to kill their children both Bahamut and Tiamat’s rage grew with each loss but the course of each to who they are today came from how they used the gifts that make all of true dragons great.

As the war with the giants began to brew taimats scales changed colors, lost were the scales of amethyst and amber and with them the nobility and self control they represented. Replaced by scales of black and white, the absolutes of hatred and blind rage. The scales of blue, red and green began to dull as the confidence, wisdom and parlance gave way to arrogance, hubris and deceit. Taimat and her mate Bahamut grew to quarrel until like some many mates of the great dragons of today they went their separate ways.

Taimat through the course of the wars would suffer three great wounds that when they healed split her head into the five she bears today. She would go on to lay more eggs who would only know of her parentage. The first to hatch were Kurtulmak and Kurtulmik. As “enlightened” kobolds they know that Kurtulmik, the first winged kobold, was meek but strong. She bore the anger and jealousy of her brother and mate Kurtulmak who had been born without wings. After the first clutch’s of their eggs was laid Kurtulmak tricked Kurtulmik into walking into a trap set by giants. They are not certain what her fate was but know that this is where the enmity that kobolds feel towards urds comes from. A decade ago the hatching of the first urd in the colony was seen as a great omen that Kurtulmik still lives and is a prisoners of one of the giant’s gods.

The colony views Kurtulmak differently too. He was to impulsive, greedy and unwise to avoid Garl Glittergold’s trap. All who know the bright light that does not blind hope that when he is freed he will know the truth of who his sire is and will learn his wisdom but they know this is not likely to happen and those who know the light may have to fight their kin in a great war to come. They accept that the sensitivity kobolds suffer in direct sunlight comes from their people’s long separation from Bahamut and they hope with time successive generations will be able to walk in the sun like other civilized people. They know if they walk among their unenlightened kin and speak to boldly of the bright light that does not blind they will be attacked as heretics. One must be strong to bring the bright light that does not blind to others.

The wisest of the colony explain other kin of dragons as the clutches that hatched later. The gods of the lizard folk were next to hatch and left the nest before Taimat noticed. Wyverns were deformed urds that grew to great physical strength but limited minds. From the last egg to hatch came hydras, mostly mindless beasts in their mother’s image.

Valoria is sometimes not sure what to make of the enlightenment of the colony but Bahamut has granted those who seek it divine magic. Peck was the first hatchling to show signs of being the first scale sorcerer or the first of the dragon shield warrior to be born. She grew into something of both.

Peck was born with what the elders of the colony consider to be omens of great favor from the Greatest of Grandfather’s. Her scales to this day have small flecks of silver and new scales always have a distinctly silver tip that in most places wears away but in some places on her body remain. She was born with the stubs of wings that never matured. Peck takes this as a motivator to continue to seek the favor of the Greatest Grandfather but the will of the Greatest Grandmother kept her wings from growing.

Peck became adept at the kobolds penchant for stealth and traps but she was a great deal stronger physically than most. With her revered birth she became one of the truly blessed but in a different ways than most of the other enlightened elders. She could channel the light of the Greatest Grandfather into her claws and weapons and has used these gifts to defend the colony and help the bright light that does not blind establish two new colonies. One under the watchful eye of a brass dragon who lauds the joy of always having someone to listen to his stories and to seek out new stories of their own, the other under a less enthusiastic bronze dragon whose territory abuts Valoria’s and in a way way goaded by her to accept the challenge. Valoria’s experiment is being closely watched by her fellow silver dragons who still take a wait and see approach to accepting what she has done. Peck has often travel to both colonies to give advice to the dragons and build the faith in the bright light that does not blind in them. But there are others, her pupils, who can carry on this work.

When Valoria travels she usually does so as an elf whose heritage is uncertain to any elf who sees her but for the most part is accepted by both elves and others at face value. Some would say she is an odd wood elf, others an odd high elf or maybe even a gray elf who lives away from her kind. Valoria lets people think what they think. The long bright silver grey hair and the glacial blue of her eyes in this form are a tell of her true nature. Some folk simply know her as "Silverhair" sometimes simply Sil.

Peck has reached an age where she no longer lays eggs regularly or transition into a sire. She is a great grandmother whose descendants and disciples are entering a sixth generation removed. Among her children are parents and grandparents of the first urd hatched in the colony who has since come of age and has become a leader in her own way. As Valoria began to share with Peck the concerns to a looming war between many of the giants and the rest of the world Peck meditated and came to the conclusion that she must travel among the other civilized races and serve as a model for her people to eventually enter the civilized world as equals accepted for their own gifts as other races are for theirs. Knowing Peck’s nearly complete and utter ignorance of the ways of men and other races Valoria pondered how to make Peck’s vision come to fruition.

As the new war with the giants threatens to explode across the world she has parlayed with many of the peoples who live both within and without the area she considers to be her “protectorate.” Over the years she has grown to know the elders and enjoy the company of one particular group of halflings who call the valley they claim as their own the Umbervale and take the surname of Umber. In these folk she found a people who in their own ways face the challenges of the big world around them and whose patient temperament might serve as a gentle initiation into the wider world.

The clouds of the coming war continued to brew one of the elders of the Umbervale, Taggus Greenbriar, received word that some of his former traveling companions had returned after centuries in a vile land that he himself had escaped a century before. He sent word to his old friend Varis Sungreeter. Peck had lived with his people on and off for the better part of a year, always traveling with Valoria and he sent for them shortly after Varis arrived in the Umbervale to discuss the matters at hand. After a short discussion with Valoria they both ask Varis to allow Peck to accompany him and prove her worth as her traveled to meet his old companions.

Peck has had limited contact with the world. Most of the humans she has met have tried to kill her or she was forced to kill when they simply wouldn't leave her any other options. She prides herself as a living manifestation of Bahamut's embrace of her people as his great, great grandchildren (she has learned not to keep saying great and leave it to two or three greats as the hairy ones seem to loose patience somewhere between ten and two hundred greats as she attempts to explain her heritage). She is usually very meek until she feels a sense of trust and safety and truly feels comfortable "leaving her hood down." Some find her reptilian mannerisms odd and many of her actions are those of a being who frankly just doesn't know any better. She will not steal and is honest to a fault. She will preach the wonders of the "bright light that does not blind" to anyone often whether or not they really want to hear. She is very curious about the gods of other beings and how they related to Bahamut. Her most unique possession is a shield of dulled shed silver dragon scales gifted to her by Valoria, the silver dragon she calls great grandmother. She also bears a properly scaled rapier she calls "needle" and wears a gift of properly fitted studded leather armor, received from the elders of the Umbervale. Peck also knows, but usually doesn't share that she is very likely near the end of her natural life span and is driven to use the remaining years she has to best use.