Aja na'Savirti

User: Sasha
Campaign: Death of an Age
Race: Heroic Mortal
Gender: Female
Class: Night Caste
Aja is a night caste traveler from the southern city of Gem. Like many southerners, she has dark skin, brown eyes and white-blonde hair. While her hobbies are reading and writing, her skills lie in her agility and survival abilities.
Aja was born into a wealthy merchant family in Gem. While she was always a quiet girl, she had a knack for sneaking into places that she wasn't meant to be. After being caught sneaking into the gardens of the city treasurer, her parents put her to work falsifying documents to frame their business competitors for treason, embezzlement, or other crimes.

As a lover of heroic adventure stories, Aja wanted to be an honest person and hated what she did for her parents. She shared these thoughts with her constant companion, a handmaiden named Nissa. Eventually, the two young women fell in love the way teenagers do, but when Aja's siblings discovered their letters to each other and showed her parents, they sold Nissa and betrothed Aja to the son of an admiral of the southern navy.

Now resentful of her parent's dishonesty and lonely for her companion, Aja began making plans to sneak away. During a dinner to meet her betrothed, a young man named Kullervo, she found that he was not the entitled brat that she had expected, and in fact he had the same longing to travel she did. That night, the two of them snuck away from their families and struck up a friendship as they wandered the southern mountain ranges.

Unfortunately, a life of ease had not prepared them for the struggles of a nomadic lifestyle, and they were soon lost and thirsty in the difficult and stifling southern terrain. Despite Aja's discovery that her innate ability to move swiftly and quietly made her an apt hunter and her vast reading gave her the skill to navigate fairly well, the two had little knowledge of where to find water and soon found themselves weak and vulnerable.

Luckily, they stumbled upon the camp of a nomadic tribe of hunter-gatherers. Impressed that the two young people had lasted as long as they did in the desert, they took the two in. Aja took quickly to hunting and medicine and enjoyed trading the stories she had read as a child in the library for the legends of nomads. She and Kullervo traveled with them, learning to live from the land until they reached the southernmost point of the eastern forests. There she took leave of Kullervo and the nomads, knowing that slavers often sold their charged in the Imperial City and hoping that she might find her old friend.

With her newfound training in medicine and wilderness survival, she traveled through the forests, stealing food or supplies when she could (and leaving money when she had it), hunting, and exploring places she had never been. She eventually reached the northern tundras and stumbled upon Camp Spero, where she decided to stay after having no luck in her search for Nissa. She has been at the camp for about a year, making her 17 years old at the time of the campaign.