"I'm pretty sure that's a demon..."
User: Autumn
Campaign: Death of an Age
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class: Twilight
Merida is small but agile. She has long auburn hair that is usually kept in a long braid, as to not cause interference with her rapid arrow fire. Though highly witty and intelligent, her forest green eyes sometimes tell more of a story than her tongue. Merida is extremely perceptive to her surroundings. However, her strong willpower and adamant convection may get her in to trouble.
Merida is from a small woodsy town in the far east. Her mother died during childbirth, leaving only her grieving father to care for her. At a young age, Merida’s father taught her how to ride his horse Flame (a Wyld tainted black horse with a red, orange, and yellow mane and tail). Through their many hunting adventures, he also taught her to be an extraordinary archer. She can shoot 3 arrows in the time it takes most people to pull one from the quiver. While her father did his best to teach Merida practical skills, it was “Grandma Leda” who taught her about another world. One of sorcery and supernatural beings. Grandma Leda was not an actual blood relative to Merida, but rather a local townswoman that saw the great potential that Merida possesses. Unbeknownst to Merida, or the town for that matter, Leda is actually a lunar exalted in disguise.

Shortly after Merida’s twelfth birthday, an army of undead swept through her town. Her father was killed along with several others while trying to protect the town. With both of her parents now gone, Grandma Leda and Flame were the closest things Merida had to a family.

A few weeks later, while Merida was out hunting with Flame she was kidnapped and taken to a makeshift camp from what looked like ruins of a previous settlement. Her captors insisted that they only wanted to train and help her be the best she could be. Merida was grateful to find that they hadn’t harmed Flame and instead brought him to the camp also. However, that didn’t make up for being taken against her free will. Over time more and more trainees arrived (most on their own accord), and the camp grew to almost 50 people. The supplies and living conditions also improved some. After a while at the camp, trainees are sent on missions and don't return. The generals only explanation was “it was their time to leave”. Then, new trainees would arrive. It was an endless cycle. Merida often wondered what happened to the trainees when they left? When would it finally be her turn to leave? Where would she go? She doesn’t have a family to return to.

Five years later Merida is still being held at the camp for “training”. Although, General Bellum taught her how to use a Chakram, Merida is still a better archer than her. General Fatum attempted to teach Merida about occult. However, Merida quickly learned that Grandma Leda had taught her a lot more than Fatum could offer. Merida can’t fathom that if her skills are better than the trainers, why can’t she leave. This only makes Merida more determined to find a way to escape.