Miri Goldenblade

User: Amy
Campaign: Ghosts of Greyhawk
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Bard/11
If I am asked to speak of myself, it is not boasting, right? I have dark hair, which is always a little wild; bright blue eyes which see a story in everything I see (I have been told they are my best feature); a smile which has made it difficult for some to say no; and my posture is that of a dancer, whether for performance or with my sabre.
My birth was a direct result of my mother falling in love with a wild adventurer. This is possibly also my story's middle, but I am not one to rush a story! My mother was Aria Goldenblade, a minor noble in an Elven House. Her affair with my father was legendary--and scandalous! After all, she brought the human home! He did not like living among elves, and left to rejoin an adventuring party when I was barely 10. I can't say as I ever blamed him, living among elves is difficult. As accomplished as I am, I never measure up to my full blooded cousins achievements. If I can dance, they are so much better. If I am talented with a sword, trust me, they are sooooo much better! The only thing I can do better than any of my cousins is tell a story. In song or verse, I excel, and as I lean toward adventure, I chose the Path of Valor to complete my bardic training.

I left to explore the world many times, telling or learning tales, falling in love for brief periods, but I always came back to my mother's house after my absences. She has always been kind, although many of my relatives have not been. One evening, I overheard my grandmother telling a tale of a cousin's death. She saw me listening, and was obviously in one of her rare, indulgent moods, because she asked me to listen, and join the conversation.

Grandmother told of a distant uncle, Malen, dying under mysterious circumstances while spying on Aramil the Impostor. Grandmother then asked if I would be willing to take Malen's place, to live within the boundaries of the Court of Ratik, and attach myself to Aramil as he was courted by the lady Evaleigh. I agreed to go.