Thane Ilamin

"The best weapon is a sharp tongue"
User: Jackson
Race: Changeling
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Storm Sorcerer/Warlock/11
-Although he is a changeling, he spends virtually all of his time in the form of a dead friend of his, an Aasimar named Ilamin.
-Is 6'2" and lithely muscular (though they're glamour muscles in the most literal sense, because they're part of his changeling abilities.
-Has long, glowing white dreads, a well trimmed goatee (Also glowing white), silver eyes, and high cheekbones. His eyes have a tinge of purple in them, and his hair has a tinge of blue.
-He has dark black skin, and is usually smiling mischievously or looking mildly annoyed.
-When deep in thought his eyes glow blue
-He wears tight clothes topped by a silver chestplate with blue scoring, and a sky blue mantle with white and gold clouds. When he's bored or showing off the clouds animate along the mantle.
-Uses a pair of magical dice to cast spells, occasionally the dice transform into glowing white motes of energy which float around his right hand and head.
-Has a golden bangle on his left wrist with Auran lettering. (it's like Elvish but more windy)
-Has a collection of elegant rings on his hands, a lightly colored headband holding his dreds back, and sleek black boots.
Thane Ilamin is an assumed identity by the changeling Thomas Overfiels. After accidentally killing his parents and destroying part of his village, he fled to the nearby pirate country of Vallsa, where he lived as a street urchin until meeting his best friend, a black Aasimar named Ilamin. They became thieves, then pirates together until Ilamin was killed saving Thane. Thane took on his form and decided to work to achieve power until no one could take the people he cared about away from him. When he isn't adventuring he sails on the crew of the Zephyr, one of Vallsa's most elite pirate crews.
-Thane is pretty mercurial, he's quick to action, but also quick to boredom. Hence he loves to goad others, be sarcastic, and trick people. He has come up with some pretty devious schemes in the past, and now misses Fia when he tries to pull pranks.
-He is also the author of possibly the best-selling book in the history of Aldion based on his adventure in the garden of deliverance. Is jotting notes down in his journal whenever there is a break in the action for his next book.
-Loves to make lightning spark around him, and make the sound of thunder in the distance.
-Worked briefly as an insult comedian in Vallsa. Was kinda successful.
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