"You're never fully dressed without a smile"
User: Julia
Race: Yellow Dragonborn
Gender: Female
Class: Bard
Midi is tall, even by dragonborne standards. Her parents stopped measuring her height at 7 feet, when they they could no longer reach the top of her head, even when standing on a chair. She's not just tall though, shes bulky, husky. Her shoulders are broad and while she has substantial muscles, they lack definition.
Midi was raised in Kisa, a small farming village in (now) Galmran but humans. She has minimal knowledge of birth parents. She dearly loves her Mother, Father, and two much older brothers.
Midi became a bard after Vernerz's troupe came through Kisa. She saw how the children of her village delighted in their performance and asked to learn. She traveled and trained with them for 5 years - mostly in Galmran, Sidun, and Valsa. This is when she met Hagar, Fia, and Thane.
Midi usually wears a long sleaveless brown and gold tunic over a beige undershirt, brown trousers and brown turn shoes. She has a long red cloak that doubles as show curtain for her puppet shows. she keeps a flute on her belt and has bag pipes hanging off her shoulder

Since starting her travels she has acquired her Song Hammer, a large, long metal hammer with holes through out it that can be played like a didgeridoo. It is as tall as she is.

She also wears scale mail, (bronze) over her tunic. It covers her entire torso and back.

(While in Janav, Midi is wearing somethign akin to Ottoman medieval garb, loose pants, long loose chrmise, and fabric belt holding a pouch. Her scale mail is acting as a tunic)
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