Hagar Keynes (Thaddeus Terroc the Second)

User: Lucas
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Storm Herald
He stands at 6 feet, 10 inches, weighing around 280. He's a big boy, but it's all muscle. He's got long blonde hair tied up into ponytail. He has no facial hair. He has blue eyes.
Outfit (Janav, Pre-Yalban Disguise mixed with Tournament Apparel): Hagar is wearing Khussa shoes, fitting of travel in the desert. They are black, gold, and light blue. His pants are the same colors as his shoes. They are Shalwar pants with great layering towards the waist and knees that narrow down around the ankles. His shirt is a very loose, white 'kurta' shirt with intricate blue and gold designs. It isn't a traditional kurta shirt because it is made cut all the way down the middle, allowing most of the chest to show. The shirt's sleevs are rolled up to the elbow and coming out from underneath the sleeves are bandage wrappings all the way down his arms, hands, and wrapped in between his fingers. They are what you would expect to see a boxer or Rock Lee or Sasuke during the Chunin Exams to wear. He also has a head scarf around his neck of the same light blue and gold color as the detail in his shirt.
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