Wykeera Greenbough

User: Megan
Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Druid/5
Female halfling, late 20s. Dark olive-y skin with gold undertones, curly dark red hair that stops just above the shoulders. Round face, big nose, brown eyes. Not super out of shape, but clearly not in great shape either. Dresses in a lot of deep teal and neutral brown tones. I'm kinda playing around with a seagull motif but we'll see.
Learned magic from a nereid while hermiting in Eralo Bay. Saved Fia from drowning one time, now we've got a sickass basket trade agreement.
Main weapon: Staff of Birdcalls. A Quarterstaff covered in carvings of birds.

Main armor: Feywood armor. A wooden breastplate, pauldrons, and greaves. The fey wood looks like driftwood, sun bleached and whorl-y, but the grain lowkey pulses w magical energy. The breastplate is in the shape of a rough heart, and is bordered by Sylvan carvings roughly translating to "come at me motherfucker"

Janav Outfit: Deep teal broadcloth peasant blouse cinched around the neckline and wrists, tan linen harem pants, dark brown simple leather boots that go up to mid-calf. Dark brown hooded poncho/wrap thing for desert travelin'.
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