The Journal of Wykeera Greenbough

Campaign: The Arrival: Legacy

Session 23 recap
So much is happening, it’s hard to keep track of it all. Still, I guess it’s time to try.

We made it back from the Palace of Pleasure. Abdul is fucked up, but at least he’s home. I don’t want to say he’s “safe”, since Batu got away and we still don’t know what is happening, but we’ve got him back to Yalba. Of course, Yalba is kind of the center of whatever nefarious plot is happening, so maybe that’s not safe at all. At least he’s not being actively tortured. All the refugees from the Palace are also in Yalba, and Raha and The Hellraisers are very kindly helping them figure out what to do. I hope they’ll all be alright. Also, Raha told us there’s a transportation circle in Yalba now, so that’s neat.

We finally found some weapons for Dak’s crew! The cockatrices are growing up so well. I’m so proud of them. Their names are Axe, Arrow, and Money. <3

I’m very worried about Prin. I wish I knew what happened to her. I believe she’ll be alright, I just don’t know where to even begin figuring out how to help or if she even needs or would want help. And Lyndra always kind of seems mad at me? I’m very grateful for the help she and Prin were able to give in the Palace! Galene didn’t give me a very good understanding of fae politics and customs and I really just hope I’m not accidentally stewing discord between courts. It’s hard to find time to even think about what I can do there with everything else happening.

Also, Xeridal’s ring hasn’t stopped being an issue. The attack on the Palace was definitely related to her. Saadia gave us a box to stash it and keep it from being tracked. The last place Xeridal’s crew will be able to track her is somewhere is the desert outside Yalba. There’s still so much darkness and uncertainty around whatever she was and what plan she was a part of, but maybe we’ll have a little room to breathe and focus on whatever horrendously powerful evil planar force Batu’s in line with and how it’s related to the clergy.

The Cobalt Company was a great help. Dorkuul wasn’t there, but the rest of them came with Raha to bring Abdul home. I don’t get the feeling they’ve been operating as a full crew a whole lot since Deliverance.

Atka’s magic is coming along well! It’s hard not to feel like we’re putting her in danger simply because she ended up with us and we’re the center of so much danger and strife, but it’s nice to see her skills developing.

I say it’s hard not to feel like we’re putting her in danger because she was literally in danger while we were away. The gangs have, apparently, caught on to Hagar’s presence and the house of champions was assailed. We’re going to go meet with someone named Ro-Zodolf from the Jade Dragons to, hopefully, sort out this whole mess. Again, I’d like to be able to focus on the main clergy mess.

Did I get everything? I think so? Well, regardless, I'm out of time. We’re off to the auction, and then to meet with Ro-Zodolf. Here’s hoping that things in Yalba don’t get even more complicated from here on out. I know we have the skills to get to the heart of the problem and turn things around. I just hope we don't leave too much mess behind us along the way.

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Session 14
20th Sosia

The journey on the Zephyr was smooth. It was fascinating to see where Thane gets the... everything about him. Today we landed in Port Qamsa, purchased some clothing more suitable for the Janavian climate, and sought a caravan to accompany across the desert on the journey to Yalba. Conveniently, Rilka, Bip, Bap, and Dak recently arrived in Port Qamsa as well, had joined a caravan, and needed guard on the journey. Bap’s cockatrices have been growing very well, and are adorable and wonderful.

Tomorrow we’re departing on the journey to Yalba. I really don’t know how I feel about being back. We’ll see what happens.

4th Latea

Today sure was… something. I had been steeling myself in preparation for passing through the Oasis, but I assumed it would be just a simple pass through and nothing more. I wouldn’t feel compelled to say or feel anything, and we’d be in and out with no problems. Whoops.

When we arrived, some unfamiliar and insignificant halflings stopped the lead cart of our caravan and claimed they were the last surviving members of the Greenbough clan. Fuckers were trying to wring money out of travelers and sell some supposed antiques from a supposed Zaharian ruin under the Oasis. That whole “don’t say/feel anything” plan? Didn’t work. Telling them off sure felt good though.

It turns out they weren’t completely dishonest, and there was a Zaharian ruin underneath the Oasis. I’m not sure if it was some family secret or if we never knew. We explored them, and I felt something… calling me. Somehow, I was able to open a false wall and reveal what appeared to be a burial chamber. There was a golem that was aggressive, but then I was able to mentally talk to it, and then it wasn’t. It held up the ruins long enough for us to escape their collapse. I’m not sure why it listened to me.

I still don’t know how I feel about being back.

21st Latea

We finally made it to Yalba. Today’s the Carnival of Shadows. I’m grateful for the holiday… It’ll be a nice excuse to relax for a little while before we begin our mission.
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Session 10 Recap
From the barn, we kept traveling North. After a few weeks trekking through the forest, we came across a clearing where several Dragonborn (who were later found to be members of the Fang) had set up camp. Midi and Hagar approached to ask if we could share their campfire, and were met about as well as could be expected in the badlands, which is to say, they were met with violence. Through the fighting we met another Dragonborn by the name of Musasi who had been hunting the Dragonborn in the camp for quite some time. The camp’s leader, who had a very large sword, is Musasi’s brother and Musasi aims to kill and bury him. Musasi’s brother seemed to be a practitioner of necrotic magic, which seemed to come as a surprise to Musasi. We squeaked out a victory when the brother and two of his men fled. One of the fallen Fang had a map on him, showing a crude drawing of the Spirekeep Mountains and the Garden of Deliverance.

We tracked the Fang as far as we could, but lost the trail eventually. Still, we figured we knew their final destination anyway, and kept going North until we finally got to the Garden of Deliverance. After disguising Midi and Musasi with those forehead markings we saw on Bip and Bap, we made our way past the Null Army men stationed at the entrance to the region and made our way inside.

Tysha had told us of the undead coming from the mountains and of the Null Army keeping the Garden hostage, and Midi’s friends had told us of some disease with a cure being found by someone named Xeridal. We knew so little going in. All of it was much worse than we could have imagined.

We met with our contact, Evet, in the village of Hopa. She told us all about the disease. Called the “rotting plague” by those afflicted, it causes people’s bodies to decay. It takes about three to four days after entering the body to begin showing. It comes in stages, weakening day by day and killing in about five. The Garden was cut off from the rest of Drasek as a quarantine. The Null Army has been distributing vials of a strange white medicine said to stave off the effects of the plague if taken daily. Evet said that, along with the woman named Xeridal in Fort Kulpa, there was a Tiefling druid in the village of Tyre who had a lead towards a cure. We set off towards Tyre, but on our way out of Hopa we stopped to examine a graveyard. Many graves laid empty, with dirt tossed all around them… almost like something had dug its way out?

In Tyre, we found the Tiefling, a druid of the forest named Miletia, handing out medicine to the diseased. For some reason, she had never caught the plague herself. She was a remarkable woman, using all her knowledge to help the sick. Through her studies, she had found that restoration spells can cure the plague, but with the plague being so contagious and no one being allowed to leave, that simply wasn’t a feasible option. However, she was close to finding an herbal remedy, and decided to accompany us to Fort Kulpa in the hopes of working with Xeridal.

Oh, also three Dragonborn matching the description of Musasi’s brother and his men were seen pretty consistently about three days ahead of us along the main road of the Garden. If we’re being honest, I was more focused on the problems of the Garden than on Musasi’s revenge, since no connection was apparent to me.

In Fort Kulpa we found Xeridal, who seemed for all the world to be a hardworking scientist trying her best to save the Garden. We introduced ourselves, and asked how we could help her find the cure. She told us tales of an Otyugh said to be stalking the Spirekeep Mountains, poisoning the river, and overall causing the plague. She claimed that if we were to bring some of the beast’s innards, she could study them and reverse engineer a cure. When I asked her, Xeridal seemed to have no clue about the zombies and the bodies of the dead potentially reanimating. We set off for the village of Imrud, where Xeridal said the Otyugh was last sighted. We set off.

On the way, Miletia shared with me that she had done some snooping in Xeridal’s lab. She showed me a particular herb, which she believed might be the missing link to her cure. I promised to look for more of it, for her to take back to Tyre to work with after all was said and done. I would have loved to work with her.

Imrud was a ghost town when we arrived. Midi stood in the center of the village and blasted her bagpipes in the hopes of, I believe, annoying people into talking to us. Turns out, “ghost town” is a misnomer, and Imrud was actually a zombie town. The undead burst from the snow to attack us. They were mostly simple undead, but a few of them were white-skinned monstrosities with these awful paralyzing claws. After a long fight with the undead, this… thing came for us. I can’t begin to describe it. It was this… swirling mass of darkness. It hit Miletia with some sort of spike and the life just… drained out of her. Fia and Midi concealed us with dust of disappearance and a silence spell as some Null Army men approached. The monstrosity turned back into Xeridal, gave herself wounds, and told the Null Army that we were the ones who hurt her. We fled, but not before I grabbed Miletia’s notes from her bag.

The chase was awful and exhausting. It was hard to keep track of it all. Fia peeled off to hide early on, and the rest of the party split to create more confusing tracks, eventually meeting up in a cave by the river and beginning to sail away. It looked like Ostan himself was leading the Null Army men against us. It was a rough boat ride. While we were taking crossbow bolts left and right and trying desperately to hold on through the choppy water and a few waterfalls, I couldn’t get all the horrible images of the past few days from my mind. There was so much suffering in the Garden, and the one person believed to be finding the cure was actually evil, and those who died were being used somehow in some awful necrotic experiment, and I was running out of healing energy for the party, and it was all too much. The only thing I could handle thinking of was keeping Miletia’s notes safe and praying I could decipher them to find a cure. I used my druidic powers to turn into a cat and sneak safely away from the Null Army. After waiting for a while as the party got more and more down river, I went to find Fia.

I found Fia attempting to follow Xeridal. Fia’s a phenomenal rogue, but a single stealth slip up led to her going head to head with Xeridal’s monstrous form. I watched, for the second time that day, as a friend’s life was drained away. After Xeridal left I tried everything I could -- restoration, healing word, the balm of the summer court -- but nothing could bring Fia back. She’s gone.

I can’t find the words to describe how I feel right now. The loss of loved ones is one thing, but watching it happen while you stand by is something else. My usual reaction would be to shut down, numb myself, and run away. However, when Fia told me about the opportunity to go on this quest, I thought it might be a way to use my powers to ameliorate some of the suffering in the world. Now, that’s exactly what I have the chance to do. There’s no time for wallowing -- I have a purpose. I’m going to use Miletia’s research notes, I’m going to find a cure for the plague, and I’m going to help my team take Xeridal down so we can free the Garden.
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What we know from Tysha (spymaster, hired us)
City in Iron Hills: Etir

We're currently in Akkan.

We've gotta find and free the garden of Deliverance. Tellius is in fuckin shambles, Drasek is a free for all and we're trying to stop that shit.

Once we get to Deliverance, talk to Evet. She's been reporting undead things which is, as the DM says, super weird.

Got about 5 months.

Build strength, explore region, see what you can find.
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