"Everything's worth trying once"
User: Coreycorgins
Race: Faerat
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Incanter, Fighter Gestalt/7
Fritzy stands four feet tall with a slim figure, her fur is a chaotic pattern of grey, black and white fur. Her large eyes and wide smile often guide an onlooker to her face and her blue eyes. Her hair is a frizzy mess of black and white that she normally keeps in a messy bun.

Her casual attire is a tie die black and white robe and comfortable fur boots.
Fritzy's tale starts not with herself, not even with her father but with a pair of grandparents. Ex thieves forced to the slums of their city after a job went terribly wrong. To evade the law the to changed identities and became low end merchants slowly trading their way up. Surprising themselves they managed to work their way up to owning a small shop in a lower class area gathering and selling all kinds of oddities.

Her father was born to these ratfolk born with a love of creation always working away on a new bit of jewlery or a new piece of clothing that popped into his head it was when he was seven years of age that a friend of his parents, a wizard came in to identify a few things for them. Young Skav saw this and spent the next week trying to replicate the spell only to have gathered the wrong materials. When the wizard returned to see Skav as a pile of skin and bones only haven eaten the minmum to survive he curiously switched the ingredients and saw Skav cast the Identify spell correctly and took him in as an apprentice.

Skav after a few years of training left to try to make his mark on the world, during his times he adventured with a group and lived as the heart helping people get along and keeping moral and morals strong that was, until he converted to Desna. Having succesfully courted the town's most desired bachelorette, an elven seemstress both by showing of his skill in business, craft, connections to the big city and his own polite and charming nature the two spent a night together sowing the seeds for Firtzy.

After that Skav awoke to having been transformed to a human in his slumber against his will, freaked out he focused on crafting to calm himself and then, news came of his parents horrid demise. Fear, panic, anger, sorrow all fused into his poor, innocent heart and he broke. He took on a new identity, abandoned his love letting her think him dead to avoid her sharing his parents fate and denounced Desna leaving to hopefully never curse another with his presence.

Born of an elven mother but with the body of a ratfolk life starting off was difficult, Fritzy's mother was left broken the promises given to her, her dreams of breaking into the big city shattered and her love dead she nearly died of heartbreak, stories of how pure and kind her father was filling her young head and his early death left her with many feelings one of pride for her father, a caster of arcane and divine, a crafter of magical equipment and a friend to all who met him. To see that her parents shared lives of sorrow despite her father's devotion to a god of good, it was unfair and it convinced her that in this world good, evil they didn't matter, law? a shield for those who would destroy you for their own benefit. She channeled her anger into her studies growing a passion for the magical world and hungry for more.

To the pleading of her mother after eight short years Fritzy left to find greater knowledge of the arcane and divine and on her travels she came across a scholar locked into combat with a pack of wolves. Deciding that his knowledge was more important than a few mutts she used her magic to daze and defeat the wolves while the Scholar fought with strange tactics seeming to vanish and reappear around the battlefield to avoid the wolves. With the battle over the Scholar, Gareth and her spoke and she learned he was a member of a group known as the wayward path, a group of scholars who combed the land for new knowledge that fit their prefered fields of study. Awed by this she followed him learning from him about Nethys a god of magic unbound by good and evil, law and chaos and she grew devoted over time.

It took her three years to earn enough of Gareth's respect for him to vouch for her membership into the library, her lust for knowledge and over all positive demeanor winning him over. Earning her Travelouge and taking her oath and now a potent wizard herself she began to explore the land on her own researching old tombs. That's when the knowledge of one of her many other members came. A strange creature by the name of Sco, many consider it odd that the two got along but the common concensus was that Sco had a motherly affection for the chipper Fritzy and the two shared a love of learning and writing. Soon enough the two were talking weekly about books, writing, poems and such becoming friends despite never having seen the other's face.

Finally, after a further ten years of research, devotion and traveling Fritzy decided she wanted to see her bookbuddy and with word of a relatively new queendom in the river kingdoms decided that it sounded like fun to see how a queendom grows, changing course to Adiposa with some guidance from her old friend.