Zari Misza

User: Meggles
Race: Teifling
Gender: Female
Class: Cleric/Fighter
Zari is a light purple tiefling. She has more devilish features than most tieflings and isn't afraid to exhibit them. She has a long tail that usually protrudes through her clothing. It fades to a darker purple moving towards the tip and ends in a triangular point that is the same dark purple color as her horns. She wears about 5 ruby piercings along both edges of the tip of her tail.

Her horns make her easily identifiable by their unique shape. They start near the top of her forehead and extend back in a tight circle and the curve up into spirals near the crown of her head. A necklace is woven between these two spirals leaving a pendant hanging between them and above her forehead. This circular obsidian pendant has a pattern of intersecting spirals on it with a large ruby at their center. (I can provide references for the horns and the pendant)

She is very thin and would be considered under weight for her height. The kind of build where a persons muscles are defined because they are skinny, not because they are very muscular. It's not an unhealthy look though.

She has an angular heart shaped face with a distinct jawline. Her nose is slight and sharp. Her eyes draw the focus of her face. They are angled slightly up and are a slightly darker red than the rubies she wears. her ears are pointed like an elves but are fairly tight to the side of her head. She also wears a variety of piercings in them including more ruby studs , small gold hoops, and a gold chain on one side that hangs from a piercing in her lobe up to a piercing near the tip of her ear.

She wears a thin silk dress in a medium grey. It comes to just above her knees and has long slits in either side to allow her some freedom of movement. The neck line is fairly modest although the dress is sleeveless. The dress flows into a strip of fabric that connects the front of the dress to a circlet around her neck. Two strip of fabric connect the back of the dress to the circlet in a similar way.

Over this dress she wears a piece of matte silver chest plate for added protection. Their is some light embellishment along the edges of it.

She carries the majority of her possessions in a side pouch that hangs from a belt around her hip down her right thigh. It is fairly large and is kept in place with a second strap that holds the bottom of the bag tight to her thigh (through one of the slits in her dress).

She also carries her weapons with her. She wields two small flails. When she is not using them, the handles strap onto her back similar to a sword sheath. The chains then wrap around from her back to her left hip wear the spherical weights are strapped to her side. There is padding on her armor here to keep them from clanking or hurting her.

Zari is very polite and holds herself with excellent posture. She is friendly but not very outspoken. She is usually seen smiling. She has some air of authority about her. She also usually carries a translation book in her hand so that she is able to quickly look up Gallian vocabulary while talking to certain members of the party.
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