Tyla Deepneau

"Now, let's not be too hasty!"
User: Mickey
Campaign: Lankhmar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Level: Novice
Late 50s, Jovial, Friar Tuck + PT Barnum + Varys the Spider. The penitent promoter whose life has been changed from his early days of crime.

Director of a small, modest orphanage and the "Carnival of the Forgotten," a small troupe of child performers. Some connections to the wealthy elite, particularly through Caroleen Marchetti of the Golden Theater.

He uses the orphanage and carnival as a means of spying and collecting information on the movers and shakers in Lankhmar, guiding the most adept orphans to these ends. This puts him in contact with the Thieves and Beggars Guilds often. In order to keep the peace and his operation running, he's running a feeder program for them.
Born outside Illik-Ving in a commune of lumberjacks. At age five, bandits wiped out their small village. Their parents dead, he and his twin sister, Tayna fled to the city and were constant companions as they scrapped and fought their way through life. They ventured through the eight cities as they grew, learning much about hard choices in desperate situations.

As teenagers in Kvarch Nar, they fell in with a local crime lord, the kindly Ivy Maroo. Under her tutelage and care, Tyla and Tayna flourished as a duo; Tayna, the enforcer and Tyla the diplomatic listener. Whatever fighting skills Tyla learned, it was with his sister’s help while he helped her cool her quick temper and start discussions with open ears instead of closed fists.

Tyla’s departure from Kvarch Nar was an ignominious and still causes him great pain. During Ivy’s raucous annual birthday celebration, he blacked out. He awoke late the next day in the alley behind Ivy’s compound, hands covered in blood and face scratched and bruised. At some point in the night, someone fought Tyla off, though he had no recollection of the incident. He staggered into Ivy’s home to find it ransacked, Ivy dead and his sister gone. Tyla panicked and fled. Stories on the street were myriad, but all pointed to a conflict between Ivy and a Lankhmarese counterpart. A ship had hastily sailed early that morning, replete with unknown bounty. At least two bodies of longshoremen were found in the harbor and whispers of Quarmallian black magic abounded.

Landing in Lankhmar soon thereafter and hungry for answers, Tyla took efforts to build a network of connections and informants. He’d leave no stone or source untapped, seeking any word of the events of that terrible night and what happened to Tayna.

Over two decades in Lankhmar now, he has built a life in honor of his departed benefactor. He scraped and saved to build a small orphanage and taught the young wards how to use their talents to survive in the harsh world. It's a measure of comfort when he dwells on how cold Tayna's trail has gone.
Guild connections:
Players Guild - Member
Thieves Guild
Beggars Guild

Never afraid to profess faith in specific gods.
Most pious with Arrumeht, God of the Stage and the twin child gods, Tesca & Tanno.

Agility - d4
Smarts - d8
Spirit - d8
Strength - d4
Vigor - d6

Fighting - d4
Investigation - d8
Knowledge (City Gossip/Politics) - d8
Notice - d6 +2
Streetwise - d10
Persuasion - d10 +2

Obligation (Major) - Loves the orphans and orphanage. Will do anything to protect that institution
Cautious - Needs to weigh every option to see how the political/social winds may blow. Doesn't want to cause needless trouble.
All Thumbs - Terrible with the gadgets as he's getting on in years. Will struggle with anything more complex than a torch, dagger or his ornate staff.

Honeyed Tongue:
  • Can confuse, distract and negotiate: Test of Wills using Persuasion opposed by the target's Smarts
  • When selling goods: Streetwise roll, negotiate 1/2 price, w/Raise - 3/4 price

Wary (+2 Notice)
Charismatic: +2 Charisma
Connections - Thieves Guild (9/28 session)
Elan - Benny on trait roll, +2 to final total (12/16)

Future edges:
Connections (Nobility)
Connections (Beggars/Thieves/Players Guilds)
Level Headed
Improved Level Headed

When/If some camaraderie has been established in the group, his PT Barnum side will help buoy spirits and rally the crew:
Command Presence