User: Steve
Campaign: Lankhmar
Race: Ghoul
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Priestess/Novice
Appears to be about the equivalent of a 30-ish year old human. Stringy gray hair, lean, but always has amazing posture. Also translucent
Has no memory of her clan from well outside Lankhmar. Was brought into the city as a young ghoul and left on the streets. Found by a priest of the church of Mortis Dei and raised as an accolade within the church. After being in the city for about a decade, went into a religious trance and when awoke found that she had killed and consumed almost all of the congregation, including the head priest (her mentor). Since then for the past 10 years has been living on the streets as street preacher and adhering to the values of Mortis Dei (live for the pleasures of the flesh, whatever they may be). Generally shunned by the populace due to that she's a ghoul who ate the other followers of the church, she's left to live and preach on the outskirts of the street of the gods.
Has a general distrust of ratlings due to their secretive and ascetic behavior. Also has a great affinity for the moneyed class due their lifestyle, even though Magora seems to be in constant poverty, she loves the way the wealthy enjoy life to the fullest through their money.