Genet Fouts

"Love is more deadly than steel"
User: Romesh
Campaign: Lankhmar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Courtesan/Assassin/Novice
Technical details: Late 30’s in age, with a thin, athletic build and not overly bright. He relies on his good looks and charisma to navigate polite society. When that fails, he will not be goaded into combat, instead preferring the non-violent demise of his adversaries.

Gene is an attractive male who has a history of servicing the unappreciated wives of Lankhmar. Those days are now behind Gene, however he is still on good terms with Madam Vobrey of the Whores Guild, whom Gene trades favors from time to time. Years ago, when Gene was an active member of the Whores Guild, he had a short term contract with the wife of a modest merchant. When his prospects improved, Gene moved on from this short term contract, but the client, Mrs. Codsbellow wanted it to continue. This has led to some uncomfortable interactions when Mrs. Codsbellow runs into Gene and tries to renew their "relationship".

Today Gene is a "kept man" of a single patron, Baroness Emilia Cordovna, wife of Baron Ustov Cordovna. The Baron made his wealth as master of the Guild of Grain Merchants. Gene's relationship with the baroness has allowed him to assist wealthy farmers in securing lucrative grain contracts with Lankhmar and occasionally, save their farms from being confiscated by unscrupulous guild members. As a result, some of the appreciative farmers have supplied Gene with "gifts" that allow him to keep a home in the city of Lankhmar without any money passing directly from the baroness. In addition, some of the farmers, such as Fastiel "Fester" Deepfurrow and Dunner Hayseed commonly visit Gene at his Lankhmar home to drink, play cards, and strategize maximizing the profits on next year's grain harvest.

Gene Likes to keep his dalliances with the baroness private, but sometimes relies on her favor to get himself out of a scrap. Generally risk adverse, he would prefer a well calculated plan over rushing in to a kill. That said, he is not above helping the baroness advance her (and her husband's) social or personal position by a well positioned scandal or dagger.