Bak Jwi

"Feros Ferio - "I am fierce with the fierce""
User: Batman
Race: Half Drow/Half Orc
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Monk/1
Young - 35 (19 in human years).
5' 10" tall.
159 lbs.
Dark grey skin, red eyes and white hair.

Str. 14
Dex. 17
Con. 16
Int. 12
Wis. 17
Cha. 13

Passive perception: 10 in daylight conditions/15 out of direct sunlight.

1/2 Drow/1/2 Orc with long, braided white hair cascading over one shoulder from a sloping Orcish forehead. Distinctly Elvish eyes - almond-shaped and blood red, and the nose is thin. Her mouth has pronounced tusks/fangs that overlap her thin lips. Her ears are long and pointed.

With dark grey skin, her body type looks nearly human in its musculature - mixing the thinness of the Drow mother and Orcish father's thickness into an athletic-looking body that is not entirely unpleasant.
Her mother was a Drow pleasure slave of the Orcs. Found to be repulsive by most Orcs, only the lowest caste would deign to lay with such a thin and undesirable creature. When she became pregnant, the Orcs allowed the mother to give birth as an experiment. She died in childbirth, and the resultant infant was judged to be a hideous mongrel that was not worthy of their food. Only a day old, Bak Jwi was left at a crossroad near the entrance to Elvish lands. The head of a convoy traveling to the Bian-Fu Monastery to deliver supplies and barter took mercy on the child. The monks took her into their fold.

Recognizing her as a Drow/Orc, and knowing her chaotic evil tendencies, they trained her to accept their discipline so that she might master her natural inclinations. Under the guidance of the tough but loving Sensei Bri-an, she worked very hard to achieve mastery over her mind and body. the discipline she learned is still a work in progress, and occasionally, her rage threatens to overmaster her. It is only with daily meditation and constant discipline that she is able to master her emotions to achieve true balance.

Named after their Monastery's icon, the bat, the monks hoped that she would come to understand the extrasensory perceptions and quicksilver movements of their sacred animal so that she might more easily see and follow the path to balance.
She avoids light when possible, and she veils herself when in direct sunlight.