"Um. Is this a good idea?"
User: Lauren
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Druid/1
A former farm girl who's seriously out of her depth here. Quinn grew up in Witchcross with her parents, her older brother, Aiden, and her younger twin sisters, Lucy and Thea. A tragedy when she was only 15 years old left Aiden and her parents killed, the twins missing, and Quinn herself far from home. It's been a few years since the attack that left her mentally and physically scarred (she's still terrified of the dark, and lashes out easily in shadowy places) Because of this, Quinn's been wandering alone for a long time, and is skittish around new people.

Quinn always had a connection with nature, and loved listening to the old legends told by the Keepers of Eth whenever the town elders called for their wisdom. Her own druidic magic manifested first in dreams, after she made her way home following the attack.

Still has a childlike curiosity, even as a young adult
Improvise in the moment, rather than making a plan
Tries to be a good person
Immature worldview, and sees the best in people first
Reluctant to talk about her family or her past

Wants to find her sisters
Keeps her thoughts and experiences written in a journal
Trying to make the world a safer place than she left it

Skittish and quick to enter fight-or-flight
Talks to herself or spirits no one can see
Short and frail, but graceful on her feet. She covers three deep, claw-like scars on her neck and chest with her cloak and a scarf. Suntanned skin tone with long dark hair and gray eyes, and often seen wearing wildflowers in her hair. She wears a simple dress with hand-me-down leather armor, and a dark green cloak. She keeps a wooden shield strapped to her hip, and a small dagger tucked in her belt. Most notably (besides the flowers) she carries small torch hanging from a long staff whittled from a fallen tree branch, which doubles as her casting focus.
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