"Everyone has an angle, a vice and a price"
User: Wayne
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/Wizard/2
An orphan adopted by a criminal syndicate, Trinique grew up first on the streets after her prostitute mother was murdered by a client. At the age of six she was noticed by a local crime lord who adopted her and trained her as an assassin and spy. While rising through the ranks she was involved in an attempted robbery that resulted in the deaths of several law enforcement officers and feels a great deal of guilt as one had been kind to her when she was a street urchin. Although she aspires to help others, she still feels obligated to her adopted father and his organization and will attempt to do what they ask. She is sometimes asked to settle organizational squabbles on her father’s behalf, sometimes acts as a spy, assassin or enforcer, and to assist when the family is endangered. She secretly studies magic in hopes of rising above her station.
1) Always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong.
2) Almost always calm, no matter what the situation, tries to never raises her voice or let emotions control her.
3) Would rather make a new friend than a new enemy.
4) “Always have a backup.”
5) Does not consider herself a hero or adventure, just someone doing what they have to do.
6) Cynical, expects the worst from people but takes it seriously when they prove sincerity.

1) Redemption.
2) Find a better life.

1) Part of her gains, ill-gotten or otherwise, go to support the crime family and her younger sister.
2) Expected to adhere to family code even if she must sacrifice herself or others, considered a senior lieutenant in her father’s organization.
3) She is protective of street kids and younger members of her criminal family, hoping to lead them out of a life of crime some day.
4) An old recluse who lives in a shack near the dump has been helping her learn magic, she knows nothing of his past but suspects it is dark, he has not asked any favors, she is unsure if his motivations.
5) She has a younger sister, Jasmine, who is 17 living at the brothel and gambling hall where they were born, Trinique desperately wants to get her out. The owner, an affiliate of her adopted father, hasn’t given Jasmine to any clients yet because Trinique has been paying him off by acting as an agent on the side doing guard work and debt collections, but it is only a matter of time.
6) Elaborate gang tattoos on trunk, neck and limbs.
Slim but muscular, agile and acrobatic. Covers her gang tattoos with long sleeves and high collar and occasionally wears a hood. Hair is short cropped and dark, sometimes colored. Face and skin are a mix is Eurasian and African-like features indicating a very mixed background. Her armor is light mix of leather and cloth optimized for dueling and ease of movement, and has numerous light weapons integrated including darts and throwing stars that look like decorations to the casual observer. She keeps her whip coiled in the small of her back, and her primary blade across her back over her left shoulder, allowing both to be deployed and used in single, fluid motions. The bow she keeps across her chest and a quiver on on her right shoulder.

She fights 2 handed using rapier or katana-like blades, usually on the right and, if space permits, a whip in the left hand, otherwise a parrying blade, and likes to carry a longbow. Although her reputation is one of a cold blooded killer, a facade she carefully maintains, she avoide killing or even hurting others unless she feels that diplomacy is futile. Once she determines that violence is inevitable, she is prepared to act first, but she always views this as a failure on her own part and will often offer aid to those she injures or the families of those she kills.

Although she knows magic, she avoids using it openly, at least for now knowledge of her capabilities are limited to her and her teacher. She studies obsessively when she can, and will do short sessions of a few minutes at a time whenever possible.
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