The Journal of Adfric

Campaign: The World of Eos

It is always the same
I sit here watching over the fallen members of the company of good men. Always the same they fall, my skill saves. First spiders poison mage, i kill spiders... then centipede poisons giant, i kill centipede.... then sucker birds drain companions, i give potions. Now green skins crush members and i give potions. I give potions to Mueller but we burn him by accident. I dont feel good, but i alive so dont feel too bad. We all will die in our time. No potions for ranger. Unfortunate he was a good retainer...

As i said kill, save, potions all the same. One day we not be the same and we all fall. Sad day.
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It seems i have accomplished the impossible
I woke up this morning wondering if I would have to save the giant and magi from spiders again, and considered many times over how saving them would put coins in my boots or drink on my lips.

It turns out I am a knight..
So giant and magi must protect me and I drink for free.

What a world
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Who to blame and why?
What matters ?
The green skin steal the children and haunt the house?
The sheriff is dumb and looks other way?
I have enough coin to buy a few rounds?
I will let you think on this. Have you considered ?
Of course question esy.
Sheriff not good and but not bad...
Kids not mine, cant buy drink, and too small and sometimes smelly.
Drink help you forget, make magi strong, and giant courage

Easy. Purchase drinks what matters. We drink, i forget, magi carry books find smelly kids, and giant courage punish sheriff. Problems solved

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Our Future as a Company of Fine Men
Fellow adventures, I propose we form a company. A company of fine men. A company that splits the take in equal shares.
Assuming we find something of value that benefits a member of our company, he pays a share of his treasure to the rest until the debt is paid.
What say you all ?
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