The Journal of Dibble

Campaign: Ruins of Azlant

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Entry #14
Well Journal

We finally did it;

After numerous fights with evil denizens among them more of the faceless guys some type they call scummies and some strange creatures no one knew what they were we finally found our people and rescued them.

We started out this day like any other with high hopes and of course a little insecurity, we continued our exploration of the temple in the flooded area. Oh we also found a statue of abadar this is really a wonderful discovery I did not know abadar was that old.
Hopefully he will talk to the metal girl she needs a new god to help her and abadar would be a good one especially since they had his statue here.

Dribble says I owe him lots of berries Sighe guess I do.

We went into the last room and finally found the ugly fish guy he was very mean he almost killed us all but by abadar’s will we won and he was defeated as in dead .

Still i wonder what he meant by the veiled guy I’m not sure maybe Delmar can figure something out.

Oh then there was the elf from a spire not sure what It means but that is what he said

And I almost forgot he gave me a nice pin I shall add it to my wardrobe

Man I am getting absent minded almost forgot he said we needed to go the this underwater city and meet some one there.

Well guess now we need to get our people home and continue with building our house.

Until next time
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Epic × 2!
Entry #13
Hey journal just a short note here as I don’t really have much to tell.

We continued exploring the temple while the metal girl worked on the metal guy ( trying to repair him I guess ).

As we explored we came across a group of the ugly guys whose we killed after a short while We were attacked by several groups of the ones Delmar called Skum however we were able to defeat them. One group was hidden in a secret room of course Bryn missed it lol

Hmm I keep asking Abadar to talk to the metal girl just not sure if he did or if he ever eill. Of course I will keep trying. I have also asked him to help me find my sister hopefully she is safe.

Hopefully we can get back soon and I can get the new armor made.

Now o. To important matters I sure hope my new shirt is ready it should match this new robe spectacularly, really can’t wait to get it

Well that is enough rambling for now.

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Entry #12
Well journal, we ended up running out and resting up at the wood people’s place.
After we went back and explored some more of the metal girls temple.
We found a few rooms that Delmar liked they had stuff to make metal people.
We continued to explore and came to this odd shaped room with some metal people but they were not friendly and we had to kill them. The metal girl said she could fix one of them and make it our friend I thought that would be good so she wouldn’t be lonely.
I still think abadar would like her she should ask him he would be good for her and give her a new life.
After that we went into this room and found some robes and shirts the shirt was awesome it was bright blue and the robes were the same color a matching set I want to get everyone to wear one that way we match in a really good blue oh and they had a eye on them that eyes made them even more awesome. Everyone needs to wear there blue clothes with the eyeball.

After that Delmar went into a room and caused the floor to fall him and Alafdal fell into the room below which was half full of water Dribble jumped into the water and we grabbed Delmar he got his new blue robe all we talked and dirty can’t have that he needs to take better care of his clothes it is a great blue one.
Oh alafdal found these dead guys that attacked us they were stinky and ugly they made Dribble sick he couldn’t move he was really embarrassed about that and wanted me to tell everyone he was sorry he said it would not of happened if he had more berries. Berries how would that of helped him Sighe he was just trying to get me to make more berries. Bryn got sick to and couldn’t move however me and alafdal were able to kill the dead guys and take there stuff.
We found a bunch of oil stuff in the room where Delmar broke the floor he claimed it’s good stuff I think the blue robe is better but we shall see. Oh I can’t forget Eridan killed one of the dead guys he ran up to it and killed It.
Well that is all for now until we talk next time
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Entry #11
Well journal we ended up having to kill more of those ugly guys they had four people that they were controlling. We tried to not kill them but unfortunately one of them died. I felt really bad about it. Dribble pointed out that at least we saved three.

After that we continued exploring

In one room we found a locked chest it had some nice shoes in it.

In another room we found a bunch of stuff Delmar calls it clock stuff ( don’t make sense to me ).

He then spent some time working on the metal girl and she woke up and talked to us.

She said she could not reach her god.

She asked us to turn on the lights in this temple, well I can’t remember the gods name Delmar says the god sacrificed himself to save his people he must of been good.

The metal girl said he was god of creation guess she means like building things.

Oh then we went to the room she showed us and We were able to turn on the lights but then these huge elemtals arrived and attacked us. They almost killed us we ran like babies scared of the wind. They seemed really angry about something so Hopefully we
can figure out how to talk to them.

The metal girl came with us. She seems to be a good soul. I wonder perhaps abadar will talk to her maybe convert her to worship abadar. Since once we clear out this place it would make a real good temple to abadar.

I want to hurry up so we can get honey and then go get my shirt.

I still wonder what happened to my sister is she Still alive I continue to ask abadar to help me finder her.

Well enough rambling till next time
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Entry #10
Well journal just have a few things to tell you.

We rested up after our deals with the light balls and moved on towards the place they told us about.

I was really disappointed no one wanted to get honey. I think they were scarred of the bees but dribbles says they were smart to wait.

So we skipped the bees and went to the place. We found what appeared to be some kind of temple and we found some more of those ugly guys killing a bunch of them.

We then decided to go downstairs where we killed a few more and one odd creature that made a lot of noise which kinda hurt, Dribble didn’t like it he said it smelled bad.

Hmm I sure hope we finish here soon and rescue our friend I want to go we my new shirt.

Well that is all for now.

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