Tagrimm the Mad

User: Graham
Campaign: Midgard
Race: Trollkin
Gender: None
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Druid/3
Tagrimm has darkish skin, flushed with purple, and long, black hair. Their teeth are slightly more pointy than most, but not to a very large amount. Instead of fingernails, Tagrimm has long, black claws that are covered by the sleeves of their too-large brown coat, which is saying a lot, as they are 6'2".
Tagrimm appears to have a bad memory for names, though more than anything it is because, to them, names are not important.
Tagrimm has a slightly unfocused look in their eyes, and has baggy purple pants with white stripes.
Tagrimm the Mad was born 13 years ago in a small village in the Northlands. their village being a victim of raids, though those of the village itself did not raid, Tagrimm's father died when they were two, and their mother had previously died in childbirth.
Tagrimm was raised by the priest of Ullr, Veruska Hrdlicka, and trained in swordplay by an exiled Mharoti legionnaire.
At ten, Tagrimm was out 'hunting', though in reality they were watching the birds. While they were doing that, he suddenly could understand what nature was trying to say to him. Doom was coming, and the doom would be flames.
As their jaw dropped, he heard a noise and started to turn, just as a bear was bringing its heavy claws down upon him.
Tagrimm was found and healed, and immediately once they were at full strength, he started trying to warn their fellow villagers of their impending doom, but no one listened, and eventually, they threw him out.
So Tagrimm wandered south, preaching as he went, and, after a few months, decided to settle down and take a job as a calligrapher. For two years, he managed to ignore the message of nature, but eventually, he cracked. If he held out any longer, he would go mad.
When he warned their city of its downfall, however, the priest of Baldur, a man named Vyacheslav, decided that Tagrimm must be possessed to be talking of such doom and fire, and so tried to exorcise Tagrimm.
Tagrimm had a brief fight with Vyacheslav and ran, eventually making their way to the free city of Zobeck, where, though undoubtedly they would be considered odd, they would likely not be prosecuted by the citizens of Zobeck.
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