"Laerme's blessings are with you"
User: Hal
Campaign: BirthRight
Race: Khinasi Human
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Cleric/2
Khamila is a petite, slender and beautiful Khinasi priestess with kind, dark eyes and long black hair. Born with the blood of Basaia, her hair tends to shimmer with firey colours when she feels intense emotion, or when she is using magic.

She is normally seen either wearing the official robes of her temple or an item from her vast collection of dresses and gowns, with her holy symbol proudly displayed on a pendant around her neck.
Born along with her twin sister Khalina into the wealthy and influential Bin Al Nader family, she was a well-behaved child, willing to do anything to please her mother.

She became a junior priestess of Laerme after spending much of her childhood at the temple near the family home. She has since dedicated herself to spreading the word and blessing of her goddess, seeking to spread love and beauty throughout the world.
Khamila aims to embody her goddess. She upholds Laermeā€™s ideals of love and beauty, however she can sometimes be overprotective, naive and often takes things very personally.

She is currently romantically involved with Egil, a Rjurik barbarian whom she has known since childhood.