"Everything can be bought with gold, apart family"
User: Konstantin
Campaign: BirthRight
Race: Brecht Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Rogue, Arcane Trickster/3
Tall, skinny, handsome, young man whom you might seen in quite posh district of Ridgeport spending fortune on drinks and food. His long wavy hair, sly smile and very beautiful and expensive scarfs is his visit card whenever he is in town for business of just for leisure. Many are aware that he is a blooded noble of Wassa family, but not many seen silvery-green fish-scales on his neck the mark of goddess Nesirie.
Descendant of Wassa family, second oldest son, currently in his probation to become worthy of competition for Wassa family seat after his uncle Lance Wassa.
Previously, wasn't a descendant, hence second oldest. Was a pupil in Wassa SAT Squad
, where he improved his personal attributes and became proficient in many things.
However, due to oldest brother "enter name here", have suffered from mental illness and no longer is fit to qualify for family seat. Martel Wassa was withdrawn from his studies at SAT Squad and transferred to complete his probation that took place at Ridgeport.
Currently in romantic relationship with Khalina from Bin Al Nader, their destiny is not yet decided, but Martel believes she is the one he will marry no matter what.