Khalina Bint Al Nader

"Why does everyone think it was me? "
User: Tam
Campaign: BirthRight
Race: Khinasi Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Bard/2
Petit dark skinned beauty with large eyes. Eyes that become fiery when emotional. Previously dressed in silk tops and trousers and diaphanous veils made of turquoises and greens and golds. More latterly in dressed in warmer dresses in blues, whites and grey (the colours of an associate of the Wassa family).

Khalina endured a terrible childhood, emotionally and physically abused by her mother. She is the younger twin sister to Khamila (Mila), As a second twin, in Khinasi tradition, she was bound to be bad and therefore her mother treated as if she were. She was never one to be interested in the strict religious education that their mother had foisted upon both her and her sister. She often skipped classes, became more worldly, streetwise and independent. Her talents lie in musical instruments and singing.,
Living with her boyfriend, Martel, in the Wassa household. Their relationship only started weeks ago but she has been in love with him since they first met when they were both 9 years old. She is determined to be his wife one day, despite all the family rules and difficulties.