"Do you need a hug?"
User: Renske
Campaign: BirthRight
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Barbarian/2
~Such a babe~

Egil is a tall, muscly Rjurik guy whose constant bright smile almost makes up for his total lack of social grace towards people he doesn't know. His hair is blonde and braided back in typical elaborate Rjurik fashion (although you could spot a Khinasi braid in there somewhere...) Each braid (he has 6 now) signifying a death by his hands. He has a bit of a well-kept beard, which has been braided as well. His eyes are his birthmark, the yellow-gold of an eagle.

Egil moves with a warrior's grace but stands out in a crowd like a paladin at a strip club. He typically has a lot of trouble sitting still and excels at hovering awkwardly.
Look at me!
I'm the babest of babes
Flying high as an eagle
While you try to save your face

(filled in later ;))