The Journal of Pia

Campaign: Shadows of Florence

Patience and trust
Pia was impulsive, she knew that. It has gotten her into much trouble and had taken more than one lashing for it. Luckily, the day she was set to get her worst flogging yet, Giovanni stepped in.

Pia had grown up on the streets and the only family she had were the other street urchins she begged and lived with. But they were all just children, some just barely walking.

Adults to her were untrustworthy, greedy bastards that only cared about one thing. Themselves.

But she may be starting to change her view. First Giovanni saved her from what would possibly been a terminal flogging. Granted, he did ask for her to steal for him, but she felt he would have done it even without the favor back. Or least she liked to think that.

Then, Giuseppe started to teach her how to defend herself and fight. For years, her efforts for begging and pickpocketing had been taken from her by bigger kids. She was fast and often gotten away, but when they caught her, she took quite the beating.

She could tell that she often tried Giuseppe's patience but he still continued his lessons. She found that the lessons really helped her concentrate and was teaching her to think before acting. Sometimes.

She still did not truly trust adults, but she would at least give them a chance. For now.
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